3rd Class Computers Getting Familiar with Windows List of Programs installed

List of Programs installed

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*      List of Programs installed  


*   If you are using windows and you want to see a list of programs installed in your computer then:

  • Press Start and then click Programs in the menu that appears.
  • In this way we can see each icon of the programs installed in the computer.    






 On your computer, there are so many program installed. If you want to check the installed program, then which one of the following steps you should follow.

(A) Start -> Control panel Programs       

(B) Start -> Program

(C) Double click Desktop                              

(D) Start -> My document -> D: drive -> Programs

(E) Right click -> Properties -> Programs  


Answer: (B)


Correct Option:

(B) To check the installed program: Start button -> Program

Incorrect Options:

(A) Steps given in option (A) is incorrect.

(C) Step given in option (C) is incorrect.

(D) Steps given in option (D) is incorrect.

(E) Steps given in option (E) is incorrect.        



 Andrew asked to his teacher: - Sir, can I find out when the program was installed on my computer. Is it possible? Read the answer given by the teacher and identify whether it is correct or not.

Teacher: Yes, when a program gets installed, it usually carries the date and time of its creation with it. It's created by the manufacturer. However when the setup program does this, the directories it creates are time stamped. Unless something comes along later and modifies it, which is fairly unusual, it's a good, quick and easy way to find indicator of when the program was installed.

(A) Teacher is correct                                    

(B) Teacher is incorrect

(C) Partially correct                                         

(D) Question itself is incorrect

(E) Can't say  


Answer: (A)


Correct Option:

(A) Answer given by teacher is correct.

Incorrect Options:                      

(B) Option (B) is incorrect.

(C) Answer given by teacher is fully correct. Therefore, option (C) is incorrect.

(D) Question is not incorrect. Therefore, option (D) is incorrect.

(E) Option (E) is incorrect.  

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