3rd Class English Conjunctions Practice Exercise

Practice Exercise

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*     Practice Exercise  


  Kamal is a good player. Hari is a good player.


Answer: Kamal and Hari are good players.  


  Is she educated? Is she uneducated?


Answer: Is she educated or uneducated?  


  She is a wise girl. She is a beautiful girl.


Answer: She is wise as well as a beautiful girl.  


  Wait here. I come back.


Answer: Wait here till I come back.  


  He won the match he received the prizes 


Answer: He received the prize as he won the match.    


*     List of Some commonly used Conjunctions:

And                      But                         Since                     When                      Either - or

Although             Because               Till                           While                    Neither - nor

As well as            If                             Until                      Unless                  Therefore

As                          Or                           Still                         Yet                        Before  





  Fill in the blanks with suitable Conjunction. Is he tall ______ short?

(A) Or                                                                   

(B) But

(C) That                                                                               

(D) As

(E) And  


Answer: (A)


Is he tall or short?  



  He had come _______ I got up.

(A) Or                                                                   

(B) As

(C) But                                                                 

(D) Before

(E) And  


Answer: (d)

Explanation: He had come before I got up.  





  •  A conjunction is a word that is used to join two sentences.
  •  A conjunction is also called a joining word.  

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