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*         Introduction


A conjunction is a word that is used to join two words or sentences. A conjunction is called a joining word also.  


*            Look at the following sentences:


  •  Reema and Mamta are friends.
  •  This copy and that book is the same.
  •  The elephant is a big animal but eats only plants.
  •  Rosy cannot sit because the chair is dirty.  

In the first sentence the word 'and' is joining the two words Reema and Mamta. In the second sentence the word 'and' is joining two' words this copy and that book. In the third sentence the word 'but' is joining the two sentences, 'The elephant is a big animal' and 'Elephant eats only plants'. In the fourth sentence the word 'because' is joining two sentences, 'Rosy cannot sit' and 'the chair is dirty'. In this way the word 'and', 'but' and 'because' are joining two words or two sentences. These words are called Conjunctions.  


*            Look at the following sentences:


  •  The Prime Minister and the President met for an hour.
  •  You and I were busy in doing our work.
  •  I went there but found him missing.
  •  He is absent because of illness.
  •  He is the man whom you were looking for.  

In the sentences given above, the words 'and' 'but' 'because', 'whom' are the words that join two words or sentences together, so they are conjunctions.  


*            Join the following sentences using conjunction:


1.       Smith is a good player. Steve is a good player, Smith and Steve are good players.

2.       Is she educated? Is she uneducated? Is she educated or uneducated?

3.       She is wise girl. She is a beautiful girl. She is wise as well as a beautiful girl.

4.       Wait here. I come back. Wait here till I come back.

5.       He won the match. He received the prize. He received the prize as he won the match.    


*            List of Some commonly used Conjunctions



As well as














Either - or

Neither - nor




  *            See the following sentences wherein conjunctions have been used

  •   You, he and I are friends.
  •   Monica was reading and Serena was playing.
  •   Monica and Sohan are brothers.
  •   He invited me but i did not go.
  •   He worked hard but failed.
  •   Run fast or you will lose the race.
  •   Rabindra Nath Tagore was both a poet and author.
  •   Work hard because you have to pass.
  •   The climate of India is neither too hot nor too cold.
  •   Either he or I am mistaken.
  •   Wait for me till I come back.
  •   I believe him because he is honest.
  •   I met my friend while I was in Mumbai.
  •   Though he is rich, he is not happy.
  •   Unless you take a taxi, you cannot catch the morning train.
  •   He was ill therefore he could not appear at the examination.
  •   Sanju and Jaishankar study in the same class,
  •   Neither this nor that road will take you to the school.
  •   The boys started playing because the teacher was not present.,
  •   When the cat is away, the mice play.  

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