11th Class Biology The Living World / जीव जगत

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        Brassica campestris Linn (a) Give the common name of the plant. (b) What do the first two parts of the name denote? (c) Why are they written in italics? (d) What is the meaning of Linn written at the end of the name?


                      Brassica campestris Linn (a) Common name of the plant is mustard. (b) The first part of the name denotes the generic name and the second part is the species name of the plant. (c) According to ICBN, all scientific names are comprised of one generic name followed by a species name, which have to be written in italics always. It is a rule of bionomial nomenclature. (d) Linn means Linnaeus was the first to discover the plant. He identified, named and classified the plant, so credit is given to him by adding suffix 'Linn', after the scientific name 6. campestris Linn.

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