11th Class Biology The Living World / जीव जगत

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      What are taxonomical aids? Give the importance of herbaria and museums. How are Botanical gardens and Zoological parks useful in conserving biodiversity?


                      The taxonomic aids are the aids which help in identification, classification and naming of a newly discovered organisms (plant or animal). It could be in the form of preserved document like herbaria or specimen kept at museums or scientific institutions. Other aids can be in the form of written document like monograph ,taxonomic keys, couplets, etc. A new organism found can be studied while comparing it with living plants and animals living in protected areas like Botanical gardens, Zoological parks, etc. Botanical gardens helps in conservation of plants by (i) Growing important local plant species and keeping record of them. (ii) Growing and maintaining rare and endangered species. (iii) Supplying seeds for different, aspects of botanical research. Whereas zoological parks also contribute in conserving biodiversity by (i) Providing natural environment and open space to animals, i.e., wild life species. (ii) Keeping them safe from their predators ensuring protection, food and shelter. (iii) Providing home to different native and exotic wild animals. (iv) Involving in the rescue of endangered species. (v) Facilitating breeding of animals and releasing them free. Thus, both botanical gardens and zoological parks play an important role in conservation ofbiodiversity.  

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