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10th Class English Judging Logic of Actions Practice Exercise

Practice Exercise

Category : 10th Class



  The proper sequence should be:

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{1}}}\]: For some time in his youth Abraham Lincoln was manager for a shop.

P: Then a chance Customer would come.

Q: Young Lincoln's way of keeping shop was entirely unlike anyone else's.

R: Lincoln would jump up and attend to his needs and then revert to his reading.

S: He used to lay full length on the counter of the shop eagerly reading a book.

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{2}}}\]: Never before had Lincoln had so much time for reading as had then.

(a) S R Q P                                                          

(b) Q S P R                          

(c) S Q R P                                                           

(d) Q P S R

(e) None of these  



  The proper sequence should be:

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{1}}}\]: All the land was covered by the ocean.

P: The leading god fought the monster, killed it and chopped its body in to two halves.

Q: A terrible monster prevented the gods from separating the land from the water.

R: The god made the sky out of the upper part of the body and ornamented it with stars.

S: The god created the earth from the lower part, grew plants on it and populated it with animals.

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{2}}}\]: The god molded the first people out of clay according to his own image and mind.

(a) Q P R S                                                          

(b) P Q S R                          

(c) Q P S R                                                           

(d) P Q R S

(e) None of these        



  The proper sequence should be:

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{1}}}\]: Smoke oozed up between the planks.

P: Passengers were told to be ready to quit the ship.

Q: The rising gale fanned the shouldering fire.

R: Everyone now knew there was fire on board.

S: Flames broke out here and there.

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{2}}}\]: Most people bore the shock bravely.

(a) S R Q P                                                          

(b) Q P S R                          

(c) R S P Q                                                           

(d) Q S R P

(e) None of these  



  The proper sequence should be:

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{1}}}\]: You know my wife, Madhavi, always urged me to give up smoking.

P: I really gave it up.

Q: And so when I went to jail I said to myself I really must give it up, if for no other reason than of being self-reliant.

R: When I emerged from jail, I wanted to tell her of my great triumph.

S: But when I met her, there she was with a packet of cigarettes.

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{2}}}\]: Poor girl!

(a) P S R Q                                                          

(b) S P Q R                          

(c) Q P R S                                                           

(d) R S P Q

(e) None of these  



  The proper sequence should be:

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{1}}}\]: When a satellite is launched, the rocket begins by going slowly upwards through the air.

P: However, the higher it goes the less air it meets.

Q: As the rocket goes higher, it travels faster.

R: For the atmosphere becomes thinner.

S:  As a result there is less friction.

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{2}}}\]: Consequently, the rocket still does not become too hot.

(a) Q P R S                                                          

(b) Q S P R                          

(c) P Q R S                                                           

(d) P Q S R

(e) None of these  



  The proper sequence should be:

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{1}}}\]: A father having offered to take the baby out in a perambulator was tempted by the sunny morning to slip into a pub for a glass of beer.

P: Indignant at her husband's behaviour, she decided to teach him a lesson.

Q: She wheeled away the pram.

R: A little later, his wife came by, where to her horror, she discovered her sleeping baby.

S: Leaving the pram outside, he disappeared inside the bar.

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{2}}}\]: She waited for him, anticipating the white face and quivering lips which would soon appear with the news that the baby had been stolen.

(a) S R P Q                                                          

(b) R Q P S                          

(c) S P Q R                                                           

(d) P Q S R

(e) None of these  



  The proper sequence should be:

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{1}}}\]: While crossing a busy road, we should obey the policeman on duty.

P: We should always cross the road at the zebra crossing.

Q: We must look to the signal lights and cross the road only when the road is clear.

R: If there are no signal lights at the crossing, we should look to the right, then to left and again the right before crossing the road.

S: If the road is not clear we should wait.

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{2}}}\]: We should never run while crossing the road.

(a) P S R Q                                                          

(b) P Q R S                          

(c) R Q S P                                                           

(d) Q R P S

(e) None of these  



  The proper sequence should be:

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{1}}}\]: The city is almost a slum and stinks most of time.

P: The slush on the road did not deter them.

Q: The occasional slips and falls were considered a small price to pay for the trip.

R: They were excited, fascinated by the sight of fresh snow on the roads.

S: Even so, it looked beautiful to tourists of various categories.

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{2}}}\]: But some visitors came away with the unforgettable sight of young labours scantily clad.

(a) R Q P S                                                          

(b) Q P R S          

(c) R S Q P                                                           

(d) S P Q R

(e) None of these  



  The proper sequence should be:

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{1}}}\]: Venice is a strange and beautiful city in the north of Italy.

P: There are about four hundred old stone bridges joining the island of Venice.

Q: In this city there are no motor cars, no horses, no buses.

R: These small islands are near one another.

S: It 'is not an island but a hundred and seventeen islands.

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{2}}}\]: This is because Venice has no streets.

(a) P Q R S                                                          

(b) P R Q S                          

(c) S R P Q                                                           

(d) P Q S R

(e) None of these      



  The proper sequence should be:

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{1}}}\]: The cooperative system of doing business is a good way of encouraging ordinary workers to work hard.

P: If the society is to be well run, it is necessary to prevent insincere officials being elected to the committee which is responsible for the running of business.

Q: They get this from experienced and professional workers who are not only familiar with the cooperative system, but also with efficient method of doing business.

R: To a large extent, many cooperative societies need advice and guidance.

S: The capital necessary to start a business venture is obtained by the workers contributions.

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{2}}}\]: The main object is to maintain the interest of every member of the society and to ensure that the members participate actively in the projects of society.

(a) S Q P R                                                          

(b) P Q S R                                          

(c) S R Q P                                                           

(d) P S R Q

(e) None of these      




1.          C 2.          A 3.          A 4.          C 5.          A 6.          A 7.          D 8.          D 9.          C 10.      A




  • The sentences and ideas in a paragraph should not only be logically arranged, but they should also flow smoothly.
  • Each sentence to in a paragraph should relate to the topic and develop the main idea.
  • Judging logic of actions infera kind of linking of the sentences to be arranged in correct order so as to read like a paragraph.      




  • Expressions such as next, then, after, when and others signal time sequence; expressions such as an example of, the most significant example, to illustrate are used to identify the example in the sentence. Such expressions provide a link between the ideas presented.
  • Although you do not need to include a linking word or phrase in every sentence, you should use enough of them to help your reader follow your ideas clearly.    




  • In judging logic of action the sentences and ideas in a paragraph are logically arranged.
  • The arrangement of the sentences should flow smoothly.
  • Although you do not need to include a linking word or phrase in every sentence, you should use enough of them to help your reader follow your ideas clearly.
  • Consider all the sentences in a paragraph to relate to the topic and develop the main idea.    

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