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Logical Venn Diagrams

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Venn diagrams are pictorial representation of many sets or groups or classes. A Venn diagram simultaneously shows the common and uncommon elements to the classes. In examination, usually two types of questions are asked as mentioned below:


1.     To choose a Venn diagram which best represents three given classes.

2.     A Venn diagram is provided to answer certain questions based on it.

Let us illustrate you with the help of one solved example of each type.





1.         Which of the following Venn diagrams represents the relation between 'Peacocks', 'Pigeons' and 'Birds'?

(a)                   (b)

(c)                     (d)


Explanation (c):

Peacocks and pigeons are different from each other but both belong to the category of birds. Therefore, the Venn diagram can be represented as shown below:




2.         Study the diagram given below to answer the question that follows.

The triangle in the given figure depicts women in villages, the square depicts the unemployed women and the circle depicts the educated women.

Educated employed women in villages are represented by

(a) D                             (b) E             

(c) F                              (d) G


Explanation (d):

Educated women are represented by C, G, E and F.

Employed women are represented by A, C and G.

Women in villages are represented by A, G, E and D.

Required region should be common to all the three groups of regions shown above, i.e. G.

Thus, educated employed women in villages are represented by 'G'.


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