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Puzzle Test

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In puzzle test, some information is provided in the form of a puzzle and hence one or more questions are put up on the basis of it.

To answer these questions, a student is required to simplify the puzzle in his/her own language.

The puzzle may be of any field such as:

1.     Seating/placing arrangement.

2.     Comparison of heights, weights, sizes, etc.

3.     Family basis.

4.     Sequential order of things.





 1.         Among four friends, Mohit is thrice the age of Kartik. Tarun is half times younger to Kartik.

              Anuj is six years older to Kartik, but six years younger to Mohit. Who is the eldest?

(a) Tarun                                   (b) Kartik          

(c) Anuj                         (d) Mohit


Explanation: (d)

Mohit = 3 (Kartik)

Tarun = (Kartik)

Anuj = Kartik + 6 = Mohit -6

Therefore, Mohit > Anuj > Kartik > Tarun

So, Mohit is the eldest.



2.         Six friends A, B, C, D, E and F are seated on a round table facing the centre.

           F is between A and D. C is between E and B. E is not just between D and C. D is second to the left of C. 

           Who is sitting between A and C?

(a) B                             (b) D             

(c) E                              (d) C


Explanation: (c)

All face towards the centre

We observe that E is sitting between A and C.


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