10th Class Social Science Resources and Development Resources and Development - Important Terms and Concepts

Resources and Development - Important Terms and Concepts

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Resources and Development


Important Terms And Concepts


  1. Objects or things in the environment that fulfill the basic needs of man which are technologically accessible, economically feasible and culturally acceptable.


  1. Natural Resources. Resources which are endowments/gifts of nature like rivers, mountains, forests, etc.


  1. Resource Development. An exercise that makes it possible to utilize the available natural resources for human satisfaction.


  1. Biotic Resources. Resources obtained from biosphere or living things like plants, animals and human beings.


  1. Abiotic Resources. Resources available from mm living things like rocks, mountains, rivers, etc.


  1. Renewable Resources. Resources which can be used again and again and are inexhaustible, g., forests, wildlife, water, etc.


  1. Non Renewable Resources. Resources which cannot be used again and again and are exhaustible like minerals.


  1. Individual Resources. Resources owned privately by individuals.


  1. Community Resources. Resources which are available to all members of the community, g., marriage hall, well and ponds, etc.


  1. National Resources. Resources which belongs to all the people of a nation/country that lie within the political boundaries and territorial water.


  1. International Resources. Resources which are commonly shared between countries of the world and are owned and controlled by international organizations that lie beyond 200 km of the exclusive economic zone.


  1. Potential Resources. Resources which are estimated in terms of their availability but will be developed in the near future.


  1. Developed Resources. Resources which have been surveyed and developed for meeting the needs of the present generation.


  1. Materials in the environment which are capable of satisfying the basic needs of man but are not developed due to lack of technology.


  1. Contour Ploughing. Ploughing along the contour lines instead of up and down the slope.


  1. Resource Planning. Strategy for systematic and planned utilization of resources for sustainable development.


  1. Conservation of Resources. Careful utilization and management of resources by man for sustainable development.


  1. Human made Resources. Resources created by man through his skills and intelligence like machines, buildings, cities, etc.


  1. Land Use pattern. Land utilization data available for a country during a given period.


  1. Land Degradation. It is the process by which land becomes unfit for human use either by natural or human activities.


  1. Uppermost layer of the earth consisting of organic and inorganic materials.


  1. Soil Erosion. Washing away or denudation of the top soil by agents of gradation.


  1. New alluvium, highly fertile soil, found close to the river channel.


  1. Old alluvium, less fertile soil, found away from the river channel.


  1. Gully Erosion predominant along steep slopes caused by the action of rainwater.



  1. Sheet Erosion. Erosion of the top soil along gentle slopes caused by rainwater.


  1. Land consisting of numerous gullies and ravines.


  1. Process of carrying away of soil nutrients by rainwater.


  1. A part of the resource which can be profitably developed in the near future with the development of technology.



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