10th Class Social Science Water Resources Water Resources - Important Terms and Concepts

Water Resources - Important Terms and Concepts

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Water Resources



Important Terms And Concepts


  1. Dam. Embankments or structures built across the river to store rainwater for various uses.




  1. Drip Irrigation. A type of irrigation where water gets dropped in the form of drops near the roots of the plant mainly to conserve the moisture.


  1. Hydrological Cycle. Continuous circulation of water between hydrosphere, atmosphere and lithosphere in which water changes its physical state.


  1. Inundation Canal. Canal meant for diverting flood waters mainly during the rainy season.


  1. Irrigation. Artificial means of supplying water to farmlands in the form of canals, wells, tubewells and tanks.


  1. Multi-purpose Projects. River valley projects developed after independence for integrated development of water resources.


  1. Perennial Canal. Canal diverted from perennial rivers.


  1. Rainwater Harvesting. It is a technique developed to store the rainwater, river water or groundwater to meet the needs of the population.


  1. River Water Disputed. Disputes concerned with the sharing of river water between states flowing through several states in India.


  1. Surface Water. Water flowing on the earth's surface in the form of rivers, streams, lakes, etc.


  1. Tank. Natural or man-made reservoir to store rainwater.


  1. Water Scarcity. Shortage of water due to natural or man-made activities.

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