12th Class Mental Ability Series Notes - English Dictionary Based Word Arrangements / Missing Letter

Notes - English Dictionary Based Word Arrangements / Missing Letter

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English Dictionary Based Word Arrangements / Missing Letter

Direction for questions 1 to 25: Below in each question, five words are given. Which of them will come at the third position if all of them are arranged alphabetically as in a dictionary?


            (a) Amared                    (b) Altitude

            (c) Ambience                  (d) Amature

            (e) Always


            (a) Primitive                   (b) Primacy

            (c) Prisoner                     (d) Prism

            (e) Priest


            (a) Threshold                  (b) Tharsh

            (c) Thrill                         (d) Thread

            (e) Threaten


            (a) Bore                         (b) Borrow

            (c) Borne                       (d) Borstal

            (e) Border


            (a) Spearhead                 (b) Speaker

            (c) Spawn                      (d) Spate

            (e) Special


            (a) Manner                     (b) Mantle

            (c) Manufacture              (d) Mansion

            (e) Manual


            (a) Greedy                     (b) Grenade

            (c) Greasy                      (d) Green

            (e) Great


            (a) Orient                       (b) Orphan

            (c) Ornament                  (d) Orthodox

            (e) Organise


            (a) Lucrative                  (b) Lubricative

            (c) Luggage                    (d) Lucky

            (e) Luck


            (a) Chuckle                    (b) Chronic

            (c) Churn                       (d) Chronology

            (e) Chorus


            (a) Idiom                                   (b) Identify

            (c) Idealist                      (d) Idle

            (e) Idea


            (a) Pump                       (b) Purchase

            (c) Pungent                    (d) Punch

            (e) Puppet


            (a) Banner                     (b) Bandage

            (c) Banquet                    (d) Bankrupt

            (e) Banyan


            (a) Circumference            (b) Circulate

            (c) Citrus                        (d) Civil

            (e) Citizen


            (a) Frown                       (b) Front

            (c) Frozen                       (d) Froth

            (e) Frolic


            (a) Dog                          (b) Dig

            (c) Dress                        (d) Dull

            (e) Doll


            (a) Negotiate                  (b) Natural

            (c) Neglect                      (d) Name

            (e) Note


            (a) Bill                           (b) Book

            (c) Bake                         (d) Bind

            (e) Bank



            (a) Sack                         (b) Shame

            (c) Sick                          (d) Shy

            (e) Show


            (a) Lamp                       (b) Little

            (c) Low                          (d) Lick

            (e) Late


            (a) Satiate                      (b) Saturday

            (c) Salt                                      (d) Saturate

            (e) Saturn


            (a) Home                       (b) Honk

            (c) Honey                      (d) Honour

            (e) Honest


            (a) Clouds                      (b) Clover

            (c) Closure                     (d) Clown

            (e) Clothes


            (a) Roast                        (b) Rome

            (c) Round                       (d) Rotate

            (e) Roller


            (a) Tremble                    (b) Telegraph

            (c) Temper                     (d) Temple

            (e) Telephone


Notes - English Dictionary Based Word Arrangement / Missing Letter

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