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Data Handling

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This lesson will help you to:-

  • understand data.
  • sort and organise things.
  • organise data in a table.
  • represent data.



The information that we collect is called Data.

Data Handling is a process of collecting organising and representing data in various form like graphe, tables, pictographs etc.                       

Let us see an example to understand better the concept of data collecting.

Look at the table. This table shows the number of fruits sold in a day by a fruit seller.



Do you know?

Data handling represents data in the form of pictures (called pictograph). These pictographs used by various news channels to display weather report on news.


Real life example:

Data Handling is widely used in collection of scores of students in various exams.

Data handling helps the doctors to keep records of their patients.


Once we have information data, the next step is to get result from it.

The information we get from the above data is that Mangoes are sold the most. Apples are sold the least.





Look at the picture of two rooms, room A and room B.

Which room looks neat and clean?

Room B looks neat and clean as things are properly organised in Room B.

Let us understand how to sort and organise things.

Sorting: Grouping objects on the basis of common features is called Sorting'.

Organising: Arranging objects in a proper or systematic manner is called organising.

An organised room or display looks neat and clean. For example room B in above example.

Ramu has opened a new stationery shop. It has pens, pencils, erasers, books, notepads, envelopes, coloured chalks, papers and stickers at one place. How can he neatly arrange everything?

He can sort things and organise them on the basis of their size, shape, colour etc.

We can make a table to help us to sort our things.

Annie and her friends wants to celebrate Christmas. They want to purchase some items to decorate their Christmas tree. They prepare a list of various items, which are required to decorate the tree. The table given below shows the list of items and the number of items. This list will help Annie and her friends to remember the items to be purchased and their numbers.




We can present data in the form of table, pictures, graph, bar graphs, etc. Let us understand with the help of an example. We will study graphs, bar graph in the next classes.

This is a collections of Naina’s toys.

The data for Naina's toys can be represented as follows.

It is easier to know from data representation that there are more number of toy dogs than teddy bears and Barbie dolls.

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