1st Class Mental Ability Measurement Length, Weight and Capacity Measuring Units

Measuring Units

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How to measure or compare the lengths of given objects?

·         If objects are straight, then measure them by ruler or tape.

·         If objects are curved, then the object having maximum curve is the longest and object having minimum curve is the shortest.



How to measure or compare the weights of given objects?

Use weighing scale to identify the weight of objects and categorise them from the lightest to the heaviest or the heaviest to the lightest.



1 Rupee = 100 paise



·         Sequence of day

·         Number of days in a week = 7,

·         Number of months in a year = 12     

·         1 hour = 60 minutes, 1 minute = 60 seconds






1.       Choose the answer that best describes the picture given below.


(a) The pencil is shorter than the stick.

(b) The stick is shorter than the pencil.

(c) The pencil is as long as the stick.

(d) Cannot be determined.


Explanation (b):

Length of stick = 3  or 3 units

Length of pencil = 6  or 6 units

Pencil is 3 units longer than stick or stick is 3 units shorter than pencil.



2.       Which set contains the maximum amount of money?






Explanation (c):

Money in set \[A=Rs.\,15\,(5+5+5)\]

Money in set \[B=Rs.\,16\,(10+5+5)\]

Money in set \[C=Rs.\,20\,(5+10+5)\]

Money in set \[D=Rs.\,13\,(10+2+1)\]

Hence, set C contains maximum amount of money. 



3.       Which is true about objects A, B and C?

(a) A is lighter than B                   

(b) A is as heavy as B

(c) C is lighter than B                   

(d) Both A and C are heavier than B


Explanation (d):

A is heavier than B or B is lighter than A C is heavier than B or B is lighter than C.

Hence, A and C are heavier than B.



4.       Ria needs ____2 rupees and ____1 rupee coin to buy this ice-cream.


(a) Two, One  

(b) One, One

(c) One, Two                                                        

(d) None of these 


Explanation (a):

Ice-cream cost \[=Rs.\,5\,\,(2+2+1=5)\]



5.       Match the following.

Column A

Column B

(A) 1 Week

(1) 14 days

(B) 1 Year

(2) 24 months

(C) 2 Weeks

(3) 12 months

(D) 2 Years

(4) 7 days


(a) (A)-(4), (B)-(1), (C)-(2), (D)-(3)          

(b) (A)-(4), (B)-(3), (C)-(1), (D)-(2)

(c) (A)-(2), (B)-(4), (C)-(3), (D)-(1)          

(d) (A)-(3), (B)-(1), (C)-(4), (D)-(2)


Explanation (b):

One week has 7 days and two weeks have 14 days.

One year has 12 months and 2 years have 24 months. 

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