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  •         Students will identify patterns in pictures/shapes, numbers and letters.
  •           They will develop to extend given patterns.
  •           They help students to be aware of patterns in their daily surroundings.
  •           They will help them to sort and group objects.
  •           Patterns serve as the foundation of algebraic thinking.



A pattern is a repeated design or recurring sequence. It is a set of pictures/shapes, letters or numbers arranged according to a certain rule.


Type I

Find the missing term or next term in (number or letter) series to continue the given series.

  • Identify the order of series (descending or ascending order). Observe the pattern using operations: addition, subtraction, skip counting and reverse counting.
  • Identify the order of alphabetical series either A to Z or Z to A.
  • Numbering of alphabets series either A to Z or Z to A.
  • Skipping letters/numbers.

Type II

Find the missing term in the pattern?

  • Identify the missing term in the pattern by observing the rule followed in rest of the given terms.

Type III

Find the missing part in the figure pattern.

  • Complete the figure pattern by drawing its incomplete part in the pattern.



(i) Picture / Shape-based Pattern


              1.  What comes next in the pattern given?

(a)                               (b)

(c)                               (d)


     Ans. (c) The elements are decreasing by one in each step. So, the correct answer is (c).


      2.  Find the rule followed in the figure pattern and the missing figure.

(a)                           (b)

(c)                            (d)

Ans. (c) Each figure in the row repeats itself after two figures. So, the missing figure is (c).


 (ii) Number-based Pattern


       3.  What comes next m the given pattern?

 (a) 7                             (b) 8          

 (c) 10                            (d) 6               

     Ans. (d) Numbers are given in ascending order. So, the correct answer is (d).


       4.  Complete the number pattern.


(a) 15                           (b) 8

(c) 16                           (d) 14

Ans. (c) The pattern is as follows:



(iii) Alphabet-based Pattern


      5.   What comes next in the alphabet-pattern given?

(a) M                            (b) K           

(c) L                             (d) E

Ans.  (c) Alphabets are moved on two steps forward.

      So, the correct answer is (c).



      6.   Which is the next letter?

(a)                 (b)

       (c)                 (d)

Ans.  (d) The pattern of letters is as follows:


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