2nd Class English Making a Word & Identify the Word From the Picture Making a Word and Identify a Word from a Picture

Making a Word and Identify a Word from a Picture

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Amazing facts

Can you read this?

It is often said that only the first and last letter of the word should be intact and it can be read.

But only 55 out of 100 people can read that way.  



You can write scrambled words and ask your friends to unscramble them one who is able to number of words is the winner.  



This lesson will help you to

  • identify a word from looking at the picture.
  • increase your vocabulary and spellings.  



In any language it is important that we use correct spellings. Otherwise the other person might not understand what we mean to say. When we us incorrect spellings the meaning of what we want to convey is not understood properly. For example: if we say we went together for a party. Instead of writing together we wrote to gather, it changes the meaning of the whole sentence. To gather means to get collected whereas together means to do something with someone. For example the crowd gathered to see the show.

We went together for a party

The crowd gathered to see the show

If words or sentences are not put in correct order then they cannot explain the correct idea for example, if I say, I in the park was ? does it make any sense? No!

But when I say I was in the park it is quite clear that I was in the park 

Or if we read a mouse after ran cat. What will you understand? Nothing. Let?s put it the other way a cat ran after the mouse; now it's clear that a cat ran after a mouse and not a mouse ran after a cat! That can be amazing too!

Spelling of any given word is equally important. If the spellings are not correct, then the correct idea cannot be conveyed. For example: If you write tealescope instead of telescope, the reader might not understand it.

Tealescope- Does it look correct? No, it does not. The correct spelling is telescope. Let's take another example- A Dolfin. Do you think it's the correct spelling? No, it is not. The correct spelling is Dolphin. ?ph' sounds as 'f as in telephone. Here instead of writing light, if we write lite, what will it mean? Nothing. The correct spelling for it is light, (ight says ite as in might, sight, fight)


Let's take another example- Ruf. Did you get an idea about what is being talked about? No! Actually the word means something that's not smooth but coarse. When explained further we came to know that it was rough that was being talked about. A rough seashell. (here ough) sounds as uff as in tough)

What is this? Ice or ic or is?

It's Ice. (when i-e then I is sounded as I as in i)


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