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You can make placards of different position and hide different things places. One of you will become the den who will look for things at places you show placards for example you can hide an apple in a vase and can show ?in? the ?denner? will look for things fix up any 10-20 things where you will hide things.  



This lesson will help you to 

  • learn the correct way to use prepositions.
  • identify prepositions  



Prepositions are also known as Where words. They tell us about the position and time of Of person or a thing.

Here are some common prepositions. At is used for small towns, as well as time For example I will leave at 5 in the evening Words like on, at, by, for, past tell us about time For example: He left at half past twelve.

In is used for large cities or countries or example: I am a native of India but I stop in France.                                     ' I am a native of India but stay in France.


I am a native of india but stay in france.                

On is used for smaller places. For example I am sitting on a chair.

Among is used when we talk of many objects or people. For example: He is among the best students of the school.

He is among the best students of the school Between is used when we talk of two things or people. For example: The Police Van got stuck between two buildings.

A police van stuck between two buildings.     By is used when we talk of a person doing something. For example: He is going by car.



Suggested activity

You can show a picture and ask the child how things are placed in that picture.  



The preposition ?with? is used in different ways. It is used to show ?using? for example: tom is playing with his ball. With can also be together with or in company of.

With is used when we talk of a tool used by a person. For example; A boy writing with a pencil. With can also be used to show company of. For example: Sheena went for cycling with her friends.


We use Since when we talk of a fixed time. We use for when we want to show a period of time. For example. For how long have you been working here? Besides means addition to. For example: Besides he was quite hungry. Beside also means by the side of. For example: Harry was standing beside me.

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