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Notes - Meet Me and My Family

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Meet Me and My Family


Interesting Facts

  •           Family members play a huge role in shaping one?s personality.
  •           Families give you have a healthy sense of competition.



Meet my grandparents


My father's parents are my Paternal Grandparents.

My mother's parents are my Maternal Grandparents.

What do you call your grandparents?

I call my father's parents dadoji and dadiji. I call my mother's parents nanaji and naniji.

My paternal grandparents live with my uncle's family.

My uncle is my father's brother. I call him chachaji.

His wife is my aunt. I call her chachiji. I am their niece.

My brother Rahul is their nephew. My uncle's son is my cousin. My uncle's family is a big family. It is called a joint family. My mother's brother is also my uncle. He is my maternal uncle. I call him mamaji. His wife is my aunt and

I call her mamiji. Their son is also my cousin.


Do You Known?

  •          Family tree is a chart showing relationship between the people of a family.



The last name of a person is his surname. Your name has two parts- first part is your name and second part is your surname. All the members of a family have a common surname.



Our family gives us love and care. We learn many things from our family.

  •           We learn honesty and kindness from our elders.
  •           We learn hard work from our father.
  •          Our mother teaches us the family customs.
  •           Some of the things that we learn from our family are:
  •             sharing with all
  •            caring for younger ones
  •             respecting our elders
  •             good habits
  •             customs and traditions
  •             Our family teaches us what is right or wrong.



During our summer vacations, we go to meet our grandparents/ uncles, aunts and our cousins. Meeting our family members is fun. We all enjoy many activities together.

  •             We go to holy places with our family.
  •            We go out for picnics together.
  •            We may also go for shopping together.
  •            We go out for dinner with our family.
  •            We celebrate festivals together.

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Notes - Meet Me and My Family

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