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Subtraction of Two Numbers

When one quantity is taken away from another, the result is called subtraction or difference.


  •         Example:

87 - 69 = 18

Subtraction of Three Numbers

Remember the steps for the subtraction:

Step I: Add the numbers having '-'(minus) sign and write the result with-sign.     

Step II: Add the numbers having ?+? (plus) sign and write the result with + sign. This method is applied when addition and subtraction are given. Simultaneously.

Step III: Finally subtract the numbers.


  •          Example:




Step I:  \[[\,33\,]+[\,2\,]\]


Step II: is not applicable here.

Step III:

NOTE: This method goes same for any subtraction. No matter, how many numbers are involved in the given subtraction problem. In another words this method is applied for the subtraction of 2 numbers; 3 numbers; 4 numbers; 5 numbers and so on.


Subtraction of Four Numbers

Let's understand it through an example:


  •          Example:



We add 1st

Now subtract


Subtraction of Fine Numbers

To subtract the five numbers, the subtraction pattern remains same as discussed in the previous topic.


Word Problems


  •          Example:

There were 56 student in a school for class test. How many students have passed the test if 32 students were not appeared for the test?

(a) 23                                                                (b) 24

(c) 22                                                                (d) 26

(e) None of these

Ans.     (b)


Explanation: \[\frac{\begin{align}

  & \,\,\,56 \\

 & -32 \\


Therefore, option (b) is correct:


Subtraction of Figures

Numbers are: \[[\,2\,],\,\,[\,4\,],\,\,[\,6\,],\,\,[\,8\,]\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\]etc.

Figures are:  [2] hours, [4] apples.

[6] minutes, [8] rupees etc.


Thus it is clear that when a number represents something particular then it becomes a figure. For subtracting figure, let?s see the example given below:


  •          Example:

10 hours - 5 hours = 5 hours





[25] rupees ? [10] rupees = [15] rupees.




  •           Example:


(a) 4                                                                 (b) 5

(c) 3                                                                  (d) 2

(e) None of these

Ans.     (a)

Explanation: 6 ? 2 = 4. Therefore, option (a) is correct.



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