2nd Class Mental Ability Embedded FIgures Grouping of Figures and Embedded Figures

Grouping of Figures and Embedded Figures

Category : 2nd Class

Type I - In these type of questions, the candidate is required to analyze the given set of figures, numbers and classify them into groups.


Type II - Identify the group of given figures.                 


Type III - Finding the number of groups of 2's, 3's, 4's, ....... could be formed  from the given objects.



Embedded Figures

A figure (X) is said to be embedded in a figure (Y), if figure (Y) contains figure (X) as its part.


Type I:

Identify the small part hidden in the given figure.

In such types of problems, a figure (X) is given, followed by four parts.

One of them is embedded in figure (X).

Candidate has to identify such part.



Type II:

Identify the figure in which the given part is hidden.

In such type of problems a figure (X) is given followed by four complex figures in such a way figure (X) is embedded in one and only one of them.

The candidate has to select such figure in which figure (X) is embedded.





1.         How many groups of 2?s can be formed?


            (a) 20                           (b) 10                           (c) 40                           (d) 30


Explanation (a):

Total 20 groups can be formed from given images.



2.       In which group the given shape belongs?



            (a) P only                     (b) Q only                    (c) Both P and Q                     (d) P, Q and R


Explanation (d):

Shape is a triangle and groups P, Q and R are having it.



3.       Which of the following figures is exactly embedded in the given Figure (X)?


            (a)                         (b)               (c)              (d)


Explanation (a):


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