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Problem Solving

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·         Students will identify different problem solving styles and methods.

·         They will apply methods to specific problems.

·         A problem-solving approach can be used to encourage students to make generalization about rules and concepts.

·         It develops students' confidence in their own ability to think mathematically.





Problem solving is a process of working through details of a problem to reach a solution.


·         Students will learn the use of one piece of information in the problem.

·         They will organise the given information.








1.            Rihana plucks 5 flowers in her garden. The 1st flower is pink. The 2nd flower is white. The 3rd flower is pink. If this pattern continues, what colour is the 5th flower?

(a) White                                   (b) Pink        

(c) Red                                      (d) Yellow


Ans.     (b) The pattern is as follows:


1st flower

2nd flower

3rd flower

4th flower

5th flower






So, the colour of the 5th flower is Pink.





2.            There are 2 bikes and 2 cars in a parking lot. How many wheels do they have in all?

(a) 16                                        (b) 8           

(c) 24                                        (d) 12


Ans.     (d)


A bike has 2 wheels.

2 bikes have 2+2=4 wheels

A car has 4 wheels

2 cars have =4+4=8 wheels

Total wheels = 4 + 8 = 12





3.            Misha went to the grocery store. She bought 18 packs of cookies and 12 packs of noodles. How many packs of groceries did she buy in all?

(a) 12                                        (b) 26          

(c) 30                                        (d) 18


Ans.     (c)

18 + 12 = 30

So, she bought 30 packs of groceries in all.





4.            Jay had 14 marbles in his collection. He lost 6 marbles. How many marbles does he have now?

(a) 20                                        (b) 14          

(c) 6                                          (d) 8


Ans.     (d)


He now has 8 marbles





5.               Lina said, "My number is the same as the number of fingers on my two hands."

Mohit said, "My number is 4 less than Lina's."

What is Mohit's number?

(a) 5                                          (b) 6            

(c) 7                                          (d) 10


Ans.     (b)

Lina's number = Fingers in two hands = 10

Mohit's number \[=10-4=6\]

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