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Spatial Understanding

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·         Students will understand their location and the location of an object in relation to their bodies.

·         They will come to learn concepts such as direction, distance and location.

·         Spatial awareness help us understand, interact and appreciate the place we live.

·         Students will be able to keep up to date with their surroundings and make sense of their cities.




Spatial understanding is an organized knowledge of objects including oneself in a given space. Spatial understanding also involves understanding of these objects when there is a change of position and form.

Questions asked in this chapter are based on following topics.

Inside / Outside, Above / Below, Top / Bottom, Far / Near, On / Under, Thick / Thin and Few More





1.            Number of balls inside the net is ________.

(a) 7                                          (b) 6           

(c) 5                                          (d) 2


Ans.     (a) Number of balls inside the net is 7.






2.            Number of apples outside the box is _______.

(a) 2                                          (b) 8           

(c) 3                                          (d) 4


Ans.     (c) Number of apples outside the box is 3





3.            How many flowers are outside the vase?

(a) 3                              (b) 4             

(c) 5                              (d) 2


Ans.     (b) 4 flowers are outside the vase.





Direction (Examples 4 and 5): Observe the picture carefully and answer the following questions.



4.            How many children are there inside the bus?

(a) 2                                          (b) 3            

(c) 1                                          (d) 4


Ans.     (d) There are 4 children inside the bus.





5.            How many children are standing outside the bus?

(a) 5                                          (b) 7           

(c) 3                                          (d) 0


Ans.     (a) There are 5 children standing outside the bus.

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