3rd Class English Subject and Predicate Introduction


Category : 3rd Class

*     Introduction


Every complete sentence contains two parts, a subject and a predicate.  


*     Subject


The subject in a sentence is generally the or thing about whom /which we say something  




  •  Robert is talking to smith.
  •  The horse grazes in the field
  •  The aeroplane files in the sky
  •  The cow eats grass.
  •  James like story books.
  •  The glass in made of steel.
  •  The tall boy is jumping on the road  


*     Analysis

In the above given sentences, 'Robert',  'the horse', 'the aeroplane',  'the cow,' 'james', 'the glass' and 'the tall boy' are spoken about. In other words, something have been said about them. Therefore, they are subject.  

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