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Real Life Example

Knowledge of good vocabulary boosts one's self-confidence. It adds beauty to your language. You can also solve crosswords, charts and other puzzles where multiple meanings are required  


This lesson will help you to:

  • learn new words and improve your ability to express in English language.
  • increase self-confidence. 



Vocabulary is an ornamentation of language. The way we beautify ourselves with jewellery, vocabulary makes the language more impressive and logical. Developing a strong vocabulary not only promotes reading comprehension but also enables us to actively participate in our society. People often consider a strong vocabulary the hallmark of an educated person.

Good readers have a diverse vocabulary. They ask questions when they are unclear about what a word means, they use the context of a conversation or the happenings in a book to decipher the meaning of unfamiliar words and they use varied vocabulary in referring to familiar objects (this bird is big, but this elephant is gigantic).

Get into the habit of picking a word of the day. Choose a new word and try to use it in different ways throughout the day. Can you imagine how many words you will learn in the whole year? 365. Wow! Try it. Words are like the leaves of an evergreen true. They fill your mind with fresh waves of powerful thoughts. Given below are a few words in order of increasing difficulty. Read them along.

1.  Cherish - To hold something as very important. Usage - I cherish this trophy I won.

2. Foster - To help to develop a feeling or skill. Usage - She fosters a sense of honesty in the little boy.

3. Prompt - To do something without any delay. Usage - He gave a prompt reply of my letter

4. Attentive - To give close notice to something or Usage - We should be attentive in the classroom.

5. Glorious - Worthy of great fame or honour. Usage - Kalpana Chawla has left behind her

The best place to find words is a dictionary. Picture dictionaries are available for kids.  



"The Picky Puppet"

Using a favourite puppet, explains that the puppet is picky - he only likes things that start with a certain letter. For example, "he only likes things that start with the letter T." Now think of some examples of things that begin with the letter. Then look around the house (or around the neighbourhood during a walk) and pick out things that begin with that letter. Introduce a new letter for the puppet to be picky about each day.  



The vocabulary-centered game of Scrabble was originally conceived long back. it now sells in more than 120 countries, making it one of the most successful board games ever. You can play Scrabble using 100 lettered tiles, each with its own number value that you must to form words on the board. Each word must at least crisscross on another word already created. Scrabble makes a good vocabulary- building game because it places the highest value on less frequently used letters, such as 'X' and 'Q' leading players to come up with obscure words.  


1.  The best way to improve your vocabulary is to look up a dictionary whenever you encounter a new word.

2. Even if there is the slightest doubt regarding the usage of any word, refer the dictionary.  


Historical Preview

  • In a famous cartoon by Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse is an apprentice to a wizard and makes errors that cause chaos!
  • Can you find the meaning of apprentice?

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