3rd Class Mathematics Measurement Length, Weight and Capacity Measurement of Long Distance

Measurement of Long Distance

Category : 3rd Class

*       Measurement of Long Distance


The distance between two cities in a country is very long as compare to the distance between two walls of a room, therefore, long distance is measured in kilometres. Bigger unit of length can be converted into smaller unit and smaller into bigger.

Numbers for the representation of big length in small unit takes more space and it is a long process, therefore, bigger length is expressed in big units.


*             Conversion between Kilometres and Metres

The following steps are used for the conversion of kilometres into metres:

Step 1:   Convert kilometres into metres by multiplying the number of kilometers by 1,000 (1 km = 1,000 metres).

Step 2:   Convert the kilometres and metres into metres by multiplying the number of kilometres by 1,000 and then add the number of metres.




The distance between two colonies in a city is 15 km 540 m. express the length in metres?

(a) 13,204 m

(b) 15,540 m

(c) 2,304 m

(d) None of these                     

(e) All of these


Answer (b)




*              Conversion of Metres into Kilometres

The following steps are used for the conversion of metres into kilometres

Step 1:   Divide the number of metres by one thousand.

Step 2:   Place decimal point among the digits if required.

Step 3:   Write resulting decimal with three decimal places.


The length of a fly over 1s 250 m- lf a truck covers the distance of 1200 km excluding the length of fly over then what is the total distance covered by truck including the length of the fly over ?

(a) 1200.260km

(b) 1200.255km

(c) 1200. 250km

(d) None of these

(e) all of these


Answer (c)


The length of the fly over is 250 m. Hence, the total distance covered by the truck = 1200 km + 250 m = 1200 km 1200 km + 0. 25 km = 1200.25 km =1200 km 250m.  


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