3rd Class Mathematics Subtraction Problems Based on Addition and Subtraction

Problems Based on Addition and Subtraction

Category : 3rd Class

*      Subtraction of Decimal Numbers


The following steps are used for the subtraction of decimal numbers (324.567 -187.793);

 Step 1: Arrange the numbers in column, whole parts of the subtrahend under the whole part of minuend and decimal part of the subtrahend under decimal part of minuend.

 Step 2: Subtract the numbers starting from right or ones.

 Step 3: Take borrow from the minuend if required.

 Step 4:   The resulting number is the difference of the decimal numbers.


Area of a rectangular field is 56.80 sq. metres and a square shaped flower park is exactly at the centre of the rectangular field whose area is 36.45 sq. metres.

The area of rectangular field excluding the area of squared flower park is:

 (a) 16.25 square metre 

 (b) 26.149 square metre

 (c) 20.35 square metre 

 (d) All of these

 (e) None of these


Answer (c)


Whole pare Decimal point Decimal part

T O                         Tenths Hundredths

   5 6               .                               0

- 3 6               .                 4                5

  2 0                .                 3                5




There are 45 number of chairs and 56 number of tables in a furniture shop.

Punit wants to buy 4 more pieces of chairs and 5 more Pieces of tables. The total number of chairs and tables bought by Punit is:

 (a) 49 chairs and 61 tables

 (b) 26 chairs 49 tables

 (c) 49 chairs and 60 tables

 (d) All of these

 (e) None of these


Answer (a)

Explanations Total number of chairs is bought by Punit = 45 + 4 = 49 and total number of tables is bought by Punit = 56 + 5 = 61.       





       The number of children in a school is 4500. School management provides dresses to all of them except 234 girls. The total number of dresses provided by the management is:


(a) 4266

(b) 4431

(c) 4341

(d) 4231

(e) None of these


Answer (a)

Explanations Total number of dresses provided by school management =

Total number of students - Total number of girls students = 4500 - 234 = 4266.


     Subtract the following: 7x - x.

(a) 5x

(b) 6x

(c) 3x

(d) 7x

(e) None of these


Answer (b)



        Weight of a wooded cartoon is 3 kg 750 grams and the total weight of the cartoon with goods is 8 kg. Find the weight of goods:

 (a) 6 kg 250 grams

(b) 3 kg 250 grams

(c) 4 kg 750 grams

(d) 5 kg 350 grams

(e)None of these


Answer (c)

 Explanation 8 kg - 3 kg 250 gram = 4 kg 750 grams.


      Mariam bought two sets of cotton dresses for Rs 465.55 and a bicycle for her brother. She calculates the cost of both the things of Rs 889.75. The cost of bicycle is:

(a)Rs 424.20

(b)Rs 525.20

(c)Rs 428.20

(d)Rs 464.20

(e) None of these


Answer (a)

Expirations Rs 889.75 - 465.55 = Rs 424.20.







(d) All of these  

(e) None of these    


Answer (b)  



        Codi bought a bicycle for Rs 453 and spent Rs 45 for repairing. He further spent Rs 5.5 for adding extra accessories and sold it for Rs 580. How much money did he get on selling the bicycle?

(a) Rs 43.5                          

(b) Rs 42.20

(c) Rs 76.50                                        

(d) Rs 76.20

(e) None of these


Answer (c)

Explanations: Total cost of bicycle = 453 + 45 + 5.5 = Rs 503.5 selling price of bicycle = 580. Profit = 580 - 503.5 = Rs 76.50.


       Katrina decided to buy a branded personal computer with extra features.

The cost of computer was Rs 500 and the cost of installation along with software of antivirus was Rs 68. If she paid Rs 234 in advance, then how much more money she has to pay?

(a) Rs 334

(b) Rs 347

(c) Rs 378

(d) All of these

(e) None of these


Answer (a)

Explanation  Cost of computer set with antivirus = Rs 500 + Rs 68 = Rs 568.

Money she required to pay = Rs 568 - Rs 234 = Rs 334.



  • Subtraction of two or more numbers always starts from left or ones.
  • If a small number is subtracted from big number then the sign of resulting number is always negative.
  • When zero is subtracted from the number the resulting number is the number itself.
  • Borrowing from the next number can be taken if the minuend is smaller than the subtrahend.
  • Smaller number is subtracted from the bigger number.
  • The method of borrowing in the decimal number is same as the borrowing in the subtraction of two whole numbers.
  • In subtraction the minuend and subtrahend cannot be interchanged.
  • In subtraction the groups of the numbers cannot be interchanged.
  • The subtraction of two like terms (5x) and (2x) is the subtraction of their coefficients.




  • Minus is a Latin word. It means less.
  • In Europe the letter M was used for the notation of minus.
  • Minus (-) was first introduced by Robert Recorded in Britain.
  • Robert Record was the designer of equal sign.
  • In USA the number - 3 is read as negative 3 not minus 3.
  • Negative number - 2 is also denoted by - 2.

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