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Embedded Figures

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Embedded Figures







·         Students will learn to manipulate their mental image of an object in order to reach a certain conclusion.

·         They will constitute a noticeable feature of something.








Embedded figure is a part of a non-verbal reasoning and it is used to evaluate cognitive skills in children.




Embedded figure means to find out the hidden figure/shape in a given figure.





Type I: Identify the small part hidden in given figure.



Direction (Examples 1 & 2): In which of the following figures, Figure (X) is exactly embedded as one of its part?



Example - 1

(a)                  (b)          

(c)                 (d)



Ans. (b)




Example - 2

(a)                    (b)  

(c)                   (d)


Ans. (c)





Example - 3

Find out the option figure which contains figure (X) as its part.

(a)                  (b)       

(c)                     (d)


Ans. (b)




Type II: Identify the figure in which given part is hidden.




Direction (Examples 4 & 5): Select the option figure which is embedded in the given figure (X).




Example 4

(a)                  (b)          

(c)                  (d)


Ans. (b)




Example 5

(a)                   (b)

(c)                   (d)


Ans. (d)


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