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  •    Students will be able to generate a range of possible outcomes.
  •   They will be able to judge the size, amount and cost of something.



Example - 1

Juhi is balancing a 1000g papaya with apples. Each apple weights 250g. She has 2 apples. How many more apples does she need in order to balance the two pans?

(a) 1                              (b) 2           

(c) 3                              (d) 4


Ans. (b)

Papaya's weight = 1000g

An apple's weight = 250g

Juhi has 2 apples

Two apple's weight = 250g + 250g


Juhi needs in order to balance the two pans =



So, Juhi need 2 apples more.




Examples 2

The length of a spoon can be

(a) 12cm                        (b) 12km       

(c) 12m                         (d) 12g


Ans. (a)

The length of a spoon can be 12 cm.




Examples - 3                           

Which is heavier - 1kg cotton or 1kg stones? Which of the following statement is correct?

      (a) 1kg cotton is heavier than 1kg stones.

(b) 1kg stones is heavier than 1kg cotton.

(c) Both are equal.

(d) It cannot be determined.



Ans. (b)

Stone is a heavier material than cotton.




Example - 4

Which holds more water?

(a)           (b)

(c)            (d)



Ans. (a)

A bottle and a bucket holds more water.




Example - 5

A jug hold 1 litre 500ml of water. Which of the following groups of glasses will fill up the jug completely?







Ans. (d)

1 Litre = 1000ml

1 Litre + 500ml = 1500ml

500ml + 500ml + 500ml = 1500ml = 11 500ml

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