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Odd One Out

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Odd One Out



·         To train the student to find things that are similar or different.

·         To distinctly identify things on the basis of their shape, size, colour etc.

·         To help the student make connections between the words and to know the process involved in it etc.






Odd one out is the only one different from all in some manner. The student is required to choose this one item which does not fit into the given group.     

Steps to Solve

Step 1: Look carefully at each of the pictures, numbers, words and figures.

Step 2: Find the common feature among them.

Step 3: Choose the item which does not has common feature.

Types of Odd One Out:



Type I:   Picture / Figure Based



Directions (Examples 1 to 5): Select the odd one out.



Example - 1

(a)          (b)     

(c)            (d)



Ans. (d)


In each of the figures except option (d) the inner and outer figures are same.




Example - 2

(a)           (b)    

(c)            (d)



Ans. (d)


Elements in (a), (b) and (c) are solid shapes.



Type II: Number Based



Example - 3

(a)            (b)

(c)             (d)



Ans. (c)


Each of the numbers except 12 is an odd number



Type III: Alphabet Based



Example - 4

(a)             (b)

(c)              (d)



Ans. (d)


As, \[H\xrightarrow{+1}I,L\xrightarrow{+1}M\]


So, RQ does not belong to the group



Type IV: Word Based



Example - 5

(a)       (b)

(c)        (d)




Ans. (a)


The word "Jumble" starts with letter 'J'; all other words start with letter 'D'. So, "Jumble" is different from others.

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