3rd Class Mental Ability Ranking and Ordering-Test Ranking Test

Ranking Test

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Ranking Test







  •   To enhance structural and locational abilities.
  •   To trace out specific mentioned positions according to a certain given pattern.







Position or Ranking is a place of something in a certain given conditions.



Type I:

·         Identify the position of an object/a person from the left end or right end and rank them from the top or from the bottom.



Type II:

·         In this type, identify positions of two persons/objects by interchanging.



Type III:                                                              

·         Identify the position of an object/a person with respect to the position or rank of other person.



Type IV:

·         Identify the position of an object/a person after removing some object/person from the series.



Steps to Solve

Step 1: See carefully all items given in the figure.

Step 2: Identify the position of an object/ a person from left end or right end.

Step 3: Think and choose the right option.



Directions (Examples 1 - 3): Observe the given figures carefully and answer the questions given below.




Example - 1

Shape _______ is fifth to the left of V.

(a) Q                             (b) P          

(c) R                              (d) S



Ans. (a)

So, Q is fifth to the left of V.




Example - 2

If shape S is removed from the above series, then _____ is in the middle of the series

(a) Shape U                   (b) Shape V  

(c) Shape T                    (d) Shape R



Ans. (c)




Example - 3

If shape R interchanges its position with shape U, then fourth shape to the right of shape U is _______.

(a) Q                             (b) V

(c) R                              (d) W



Ans. (b)

New Formation




Example - 4

If Anu is behind Latika, Sonam is last in the queue and Sonika is not behind Latika, then who will be the first person in the queue?

(a) Sonika                      (b) Latika   

(c) Anu                          (d) Sonam



Ans. (a)

The order of the queue is

So, Sonika will be the first person in the queue.




Example - 4

In a row of 10 boys, Raj is fourth from the left end. What is his position from the right end.

(a) Fourth                      (b) Fifth     

(c) Sixth                          (d) Seventh



Ans. (d)

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