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Visual Reasoning

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Visual Reasoning






  • To identify relationships, similarities and differences between shapes and patterns.
  • To recognize visual sequences and relationships between objects and remembering these.







Visual reasoning is the process of manipulating one's mental image of an object to reach a certain conclusion.



Example - 1

Which figure will complete the figure (X)?                          

(a)              (b)  

(c)         (d)


Ans. (a)




Example - 2

Which of the following figure will complete the pattern?

(a)              (b)

(c)               (d)



Ans. (c)




Example - 3

Find out the missing image of the box no. 4.

(a)              (b)

(c)               (d)



Ans. (c)





Example - 4

Group the given figures into three classes using each figure only once.

(a) 1, 5; 2, 6;   4, 3         (b) 1, 4; 2, 3;   5, 6

(c) 1, 6; 2, 3;   4, 5         (d) 1, 2; 3, 6;    4, 5


Ans. (b)

Here, figures (I and 4) are similar,

Figures (2 and 3) are similar

and figures (5 and 6) are similar

So, option (b) is correct.




Example - 5

Select a suitable option that would complete the figure matrix.

(a)           (b)  

(c)            (d)


Ans. (c)

One shaded triangle is increasing in each step.

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