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Notes - Our Clothes

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Our Clothes




  1. Long long ago people wore animal skins for clothes. Today we wear clothes made of cotton, silk, wool, nylon. Clothes are of different types and made in different ways.


  1. The cotton plants have fruits or cotton bolls which burst open. The fluffy cotton inside these bolls is picked out. It has thin threads or fibres in it. They are twisted together or spun to make long threads.


  1. These cotton threads are woven together to make cloth. The weaving of the threads is done on a machine called loom. The people who weave clothes are called weavers. After weaving, the cloth may be colored or dyed.


  1. Silk clothes are made from saliva of an insect called silkworm. When the silkworm is in pupa stage it secretes saliva and builds cocoon around itself. These pupae are heated in boiling water and the worms inside are killed.


  1. Silk thread is obtained from the pupae. Then the threads are dyed and cloth is prepared.


  1. Woollen clothes are made in a General science the wool of sheep. Woolen clothes keep us warm.


  1. Naphthalene balls and dried leaves of neem keep insects away from the clothes.


  1. Nylon and terylene are synthetic fibres prepared from carbon compounds.

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Notes - Our Clothes

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