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Notes - Animals and Plants

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Animals and Plants



  1. Both plants and animals are living things. But they are different from each other in many ways.


  1. The following are the differences between plants and animals.


(a)        Movement

Animals move from one place to another. Human beings move from one place to another, birds fly and fish swim. But plants are fixed to the ground. Plants cannot move from one place to another place like animals. However, plants show movements.


(b)        Food Habits

Animals have different food habits. Some animals depend completely on plants and eat them. Such animals are called herbivores or plant-eating animals, e.g., Goat, Cow. Some animals like tiger and lion eat other animals. They are called carnivores or animals that feed on other animals.


Some animals eat both plants and other animals. They are called omnivores.


All green plants produce their own food. Plants absorb water and minerals through their roots, carbon dioxide through their leaves and combine them in the presence of sunlight to make their food.


However, non-green plants like moulds and mushrooms cannot make their own food.

They get their food from decaying matter in the soil.


(c)        Breathing habits

Animals breathe through the nose, lungs, gills or air holes. Some animals such as insects, e.g., houseflies and cockroaches have air holes on their body to breathe. These air holes are also called spiracles.

Plants have small pores on their leaves to breathe in and out. These pores are called stomata.


(d)        Reproduction

Some animals like birds and snakes lay eggs while cats, dogs, lions and human beings give birth to young ones.

Plants can reproduce from seeds, stems, roots, bulbs or other parts of the plant.


(e)        Sense Organs

Animals have sense organs like skin, nose, eyes, ears and tongue. These organs help them to find the food and express their feelings. Plants do not have any sense organs. However they respond to light, gravity, water, etc. Some plants like touch-me-not can respond to touch.

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Notes - Animals and Plants

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