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Work and play

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This lesson will help you to:-

  • learn about different occupations.
  • study about different type of work inside and outside home.
  • learn to differentiate between working and leisure time.
  • study about child labour and the need to go to school.
  • study about the tradition and games played today.
  • differentiate between indoor and outdoor games.
  • learn the importance of playing.


Real Life Examples

  • Many house helpers these days are usually small kids from the backward states/ countries. These small children are sent by their parents to the cities as they could earn more there than in villages.
  • For some people playing games is their occupation.

For eg.  Sachin Tendulkar, virat kohli plays cricket. Vishwanathan Anand plays chess.

  • Some games are played in groups and some independently. Like cricket football, hockey, basketball played in groups. (In basketball 5 players play at a time), where as chess, Tennis can be played independently.


Amazing Facts

  • In neighborhoods without a park or playground, the incidence of childhood obesity increases 29% children with a park or playground within half-a-mile are almost five times more likely to be healthy than children without playgrounds or parks nearby.



  • Occupation is a way of earning a living by doing some work.
  • There are many different types of occupations today. With specializations in every field, work opportunities are expanding day by day.
  • Some of the occupations are- actor, doctor, engineer, architect, teacher, cricketer, designer, artist, farmer, scientist, lawyer etc.
  • Work always does not earn you something. Work is an activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.
  • Work is done both inside and outside home. Every member of the family is involved in doing some work irrespective of their age or gender.
  • Women are usually involved in the household work like cleaning, cooking, washing clothes etc. Nowadays women are equally supporting their family financially. 


  • Men are usually involved in sturdy work like that of electrician, plumber, mason etc.
  • Children's work includes studying, pursuing their hobbies and playing. Playing is as important as work.
  • There is a difference between working time and leisure time. Leisure time is the free time for enjoyment in which you could laze around, go to shopping, movie or just pursue any hobby.
  • However, there are some small children who are forced to work. This is considered as child labour. There are various reasons behind it but the main reason is to earn and support their families. Children who work in shops, as house helpers, on construction sites etc are all working as child labour. The practice of child labour should not be promoted. It is the right of every child to get education and physical activity at the tender age rather than doing work as a labourer.
  • Playing plays a very crucial part in the growth and development of every individual. Playing teaches to take challenges, develops sportsmen spirit and makes one more fit and alert.
  • Games that are played inside the house are called as indoor games. Ex. Cards, carrom, chess, board games, video games etc.


  • Games that are played outside the house in the open are called as outdoor games. Ex. football, basketball, cricket, tennis, badminton etc.

  • Outdoor games make you physically fit.
  • Games played today are different from what our grandparents or parents played. Nowadays with the growing technology, children are more confined to indoor games. Whereas our parents and grandparents were more into outdoor games.


  • Traditional games act as learning aids. They teach us many things while playing like learning to win and lose, develop sensory skills, count, add, improve motor skills, identify colour, improve hand-eye co-ordination and finally to have fun.
  • Some of the traditional games played were kabaddi, marbles, gilli or the indoor games like dhaayakattam etc.
  • Many modern games played around the world have their origin in these traditional games.


Amazing Facts

  • Snakes & Ladders, one of the most widely played board games, was created by the 13th century poet saint Gyandev. Originally, it was known as ‘Mokshapat’. The ladders in the game represented virtues and vices were represented by the snakes.
  • Chess was invented in India.


 Historical preview

  • With time, work and play have also changed tremendously. Earlier life was much simpler because there was not much technology. The major occupations earlier were that of doctor, engineer, farmer or a technology and specialization, the occupations are continuously changing. The games played today are also different from what were played in the past.


Misconcept / Concept

Misconcept: Only kids must play

Concept: Every Person should play some or the other game as it is stress relieving and keeps you physically and mentally fit.

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