4th Class English Story Writing Writing story with The Help of Hints

Writing story with The Help of Hints

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*   Writing story with The Help of Hints  






Tortoise walking on the road ...... is seen by a hare........... hare laughs at the tortoise for his very slow speed........... bet for race .......... Tortoise moving with his slow speed.......... Hare moves fast but sleeps ...... tortoise reaches winning point first .......... Wins the bet.  


*      Tortoise and the Hare

Once a tortoise was walking on the road with his natural speed. A hare saw him. At first he laughed at the slow speed of the tortoise, then he commented. What a slow speed! The tortoise became sad and angry. But he did not loose her patience. He said to the hare, "do you want to have a race with me?" The hare again laughed at this and said, "What do you say?" A race with you ! Quite surprising !"

The tortoise smiled only and said nothing. The date and time of race was fixed. The old monkey was made the judge. On the day, when the race was going to be held, both the hare and the tortoise gathered at the fixed place and time. The race started. The hare ran very fast.

The tortoise moved with his natural speed.

After moving to a place, the hare stopped and looked back. "There is no trace of the tortoise. Let me have a rest for some time," thought the hare and sat under a tree to take rest. Then he slept. The tortoise moved on and on; saw the hare sleeping and moved on to the winning point. When the hare got up, he saw the tortoise approaching the winning point. He ran fast but alas! He could not reach the winning point before the tortoise. The tortoise reached the winning point before the hare and won the race.

Moral: Slow And Steady Wins the Race.  





Witty Deer

There lived a deer in the forest. The deer was very cute. The animals in the forest loved him very much. But that was a cruel lion as king in the forest who announced that every day one animal must come to him for his food otherwise he would kill all the animals.

All the animals were worried. They gathered at the one place and discussed the matter. But they found no solution to save themselves from the cruel paw of the ion. The deer also was listening everything very carefully. It was very witty. Lastly, the deer said, "don't worry, I will take care of that lion. Tomorrow I shall go to him and kill him. Everybody present there laughed loudly. They asked him about the plan. The witty deer said, "see it tomorrow only."

Next day morning, the lion was sitting in front of his den, waiting for his nice meal. Each and every animals of the forest was hidden around to see what happens. Everybody was sure that the lovely deer will be killed today.

Everyone saw the deer coming slowly towards the lion. The lion was smiling. The deer abused him loudly. The lion jumped over him but the deer escaped and ran towards one direction. The lion ran after him. Everyone was surprised. The deer was running very fast but lion was not far behind him. Suddenly the deer changed the direction towards the river. The lion was following him so quickly that it appeared that in a few moment the lion would catch and kill the deer. All animals were looking surprisingly. They were praying for the life of the deer. There was a small broken bridge on the river. According to plan, the deer jumped very cautiously over the bridge and crossed the river.

As soon as the lion tried to cross the river by the same bridge, it broke from the middle. The turtles that had put themselves in a row to look like a wooden bridge had started swimming towards different sides. The lion fell in the middle of the river. He did not know swimming so, drowned. The deer had won the battle with the lion. Every animal was appreciating the deer's wit and intelligence.

Moral: Intellegency coin over every situation.  






Farmer in a village ............... had a hen....... Golden egg........... farmer became rich By selling golden eggs .............. greedy ............... thought to get all eggs at a time ......... killed the hen .............. found no eggs.    


The Greedy Farmer

There lived a farmer in a village. His name was Richard. He had a hen. The hen used to lay a golden egg every day. The farmer used to sell the golden egg in the market and got huge amount of money. Soon he became rich. He got a big house built. But the farmer was very greedy. He wanted to get more eggs every day. He thought, "At present I get an egg every day. This is not enough. Why should I not get all the eggs at a time? I must kill the hen to get all the golden eggs at a time." And the greedy farmer killed the hen. Did the farmer find any egg? No, He did not find any egg. He was very sad now. He could not get golden egg now. This happened only due to his greed.

Moral: Greed is curse  






Birbal - courtiers jealous of him - ask Akbar to let them test his wiseness - one courtier puts a question to him - How many crows in Agra - Birbal asks for a week to study the situation - everyday seen on the terrace looking at the crows ? after a week courtier asks him again - Birbal says as many crow as hairs in the courtier's head-Akbar laughs.  

Clever Birbal

Some courtiers in Akbar's court were jealous of Birbal. They asked Akbar permission to let them test Birbal's wiseness. Akbar told them to go ahead.

One courtier stepped up to Birbal and said, "You are indeed very clever. Surely you can tell me how many crows there are in Agra."

Birbal thought for a moment and said, "Give me a week and I shall give you the exact number."

From that evening onwards Birbal was to be seen on the terrace staring out across at the crows that flew by or were perched on various places.

A week passed and darbar was called once again. The courtier stepped up to Birbal and put the same question to him again.

Birbal said to him, "Could you tell me how many hairs there are on your head?"

"Why no," said the man.

"I am sorry, then, "said Birbal," For that is exactly how many crows there in Agra. Akbar and all the courtiers had a hearty laugh at this.

Moral: Intelligence is strength.    






A sailor took his pet monkey with him to sea trip.............. terrible storm overturned ship,...............a dolphin saved the monkey's life ........ took monkey to an island...........monkey said that he was a prince .......... Dolphin understood his lie........ left monkey alone in the island.    

Monkey and the Dolphin

Long ago, there was a sailor who had a pet monkey. One day, along with other sailors he set out to sea on a trip in his sailing ship. This time he also took his pet monkey with him for the journey. When they were far out at sea, a terrible storm overturned their ship. Everyone onboard fell in to the sea. The monkey was sure that he was going to be drowned. Suddenly a dolphin appeared and picked him up. The dolphin took monkey to an island. On reaching island, the monkey came down from dolphin's back. The dolphin asked monkey, "Do you know this place?" The monkey replied, "Yes, I do! In fact, the king of this island is my best friend. "Dolphin knew that no one lived in that island. So she said, "Oh! You are a prince! But now you can be the king. "Monkey asked, "How?" Dolphin answered, "Simple! As you are the only living creature in this island, naturally you will be the king!" The dolphin swam away by leaving monkey alone in that island.  

Moral: Those who lie and boast may end up in trouble.  

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