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How to decode the questions given in coded language?

In these type of questions, some particular words are assigned certain substituted names.

Then a question is asked that is to be answered in the substituted code language.





1.     If' Wrist watch' is called 'Nail'; 'Nail' is called 'Phone' and 'Phone' is called 'Newspaper', then what do we wear on wrist?

(a) Wrist watch                                                           

(b) Nail                                               

(c) Phone                                                        

(d) Newspaper


Explanation (b):

Wrist watch is worn on wrist and Wrist watch is called Nail.



2.     If B means C, C means D and D means E, which alphabet is a vowel?

(a) B                           

(b) C                           

(c) D                           

(d) E


Explanation (c):

E is a vowel and D means E.



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