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Embedded Figure

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Embedded Figure






·      It will measure cognitive functioning and style of students.

·      Students will be able to find shapes within the large more complex image.






A figure is said to be embedded in figure (X), if figure (X) contains a part of that figure.




Types of Questions



Type I: Identify the Small Part hidden in given figure:


In such type of problem, figure (X), is given, followed by four parts, such that one of them is hidden in figure (X), students have to identify that part.



Example 1:

Identify which shape is hidden in the Figure (X).

(a)                    (b)

(c)                        (d)  

Ans.    (b)   




Type II: Identify the Figure in Which Given Part is Hidden


In such problems, a figure X is given which is followed by four alternative of complex figures in such a way that figure (X) is hidden or embedded in one and only one of them. Student have to identify that particular figure in which the figure (X) is hidden.



Example 2:

(a)                 (b)

(c)                  (d)

Ans.    (a)  

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