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A', an' and 'the' are called articles Articles are

Adjective. 'A' and 'AN' are called identifinite

Articles. 'the' is called definite article. Article are used with noun.


'A, an':               

1.            'A and an' mean one. 'A and an' are placed before counted noun in the singular number:

A book, a pen, an apple, an umbrella


2.            We use 'A' before words beginning with a consonant sound.

A girl, a map, a one rupee'note, a uniform

The girl 'O' in one is pronounced as letter

'W' and the letter 'U' in uniform is pronounced as 'yoo' constant sound.


3.            We use 'an' before words beginning with a vowel sound.

An orange, an apple, an egg, an honest person, an hour.




1.            We use 'the' when we mean a particular person on thing:

A Take the chair lying near the window.

B The man you wanted to meet is waiting at the door.


2.            When we speak of a person or thing for the first time, we use 'a or an'. But when we speak of it again, we use 'the'.

A stranger came to our house. The stranger wanted to meet my father.

B He showed me a box. The box was full of toys.


  •            We use 'the' with the name of rivers, seas, oceans, mountains and well-known buildings.

The kaveri, the black sea, the Indian ocean, the Himalayas, the gateway of India.

  •            We use 'the' with names of holy book, newspapers, trains, ship, aeroplanes, and countries.

For example: the Gita, the Koran, the Indian express, the rajdhani express, the Akbar, the USA and the UK.

  •         We also use 'the' with superlatives and in such phrases as the first, the last, the next, the only: for example: the best student, the most beautiful flower.
  •          We do not use 'the' with proper nouns - Vivekanand, with uncountable nouns that name materials - wood, water name abstract qualities - beauty, love.


                                             Determiners are used to modify nouns. It is used for referring to something specific or particular. Determiners are followed by nouns.


                          Example: This is my phone-

                          This bag is hers.


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