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Letter writing is a form of composition for communicating between the writer and the leader. In a letter, we express out feelings and ideas to another person who is away from us Letters are divided into two parts:

 1.            Formal Letters: These letters are written to businessmen, teachers, editors etc.

2.            Informal Letters: These letters are written to friends, family, relatives, neighbors etc.


Formal Letter


Write a letter to the sub-inspector of police station reporting about the theft of your bicycle.

                     Sender's                       \[\leftarrow \]      B -118, Safdarjung Enclave

                     Address                         New Delhi-110017

                     Date                              \[\leftarrow \]      26th December 2016

                    Receiver's                  \[\leftarrow \]      Sub-Inspector of Police

                    Address                          Hauz Khas Police Station

                                            New Delhi-110016

                   Subject                          \[\leftarrow \]      Subject: Theft of bicycle

                  Salutation                                \[\leftarrow \]      Sir,

Introduction                          \[\leftarrow \]      I study in Hauz Khas Public School. I would like to inform you about the theft of my bicycle which is missing from the school parking lot since yesterday.

Main Body                              \[\leftarrow \]      I parked it at aroid 7.3 am, also, I had locked it for safety. However, when I returned there at 3?o? clock, it was a not there. The school authorities have been reported and are looking into the matter, but I found it agreeable to vile on F.I.R as well. It was a bright green Hercules MTB with my name etched near the seat. I purchased it from Naman Brother, Green Park in July 2015.

Conclusion                              \[\leftarrow \]       I hope these detail will help you in your investigation. I will be grateful to you if you help me with the matter.

                   Regard                                          \[\leftarrow \]       yours faithfully

                    Name                                         \[\leftarrow \]      vinay

                     Full name                               \[\leftarrow \]      vinay das


Informal letter

  •                                Example


Write a letter to your grandmother thanking her for a lovely Christmas gift.

                Sender's \[\leftarrow \]      A-17, R.K. puram,

                 Address                                    New Delhi-110052

                 Date                                           \[\leftarrow \]      10th December 2016

                  Solution                                    \[\leftarrow \]      dear grandmother

Introduction                        \[\leftarrow \]      I received your affectionate letter along with the lovely gift you sent. Thank you much for the sweater. I will call you very soon to thank you in person.

Main content                        \[\leftarrow \]      you made my Christmas all there more especial. I will always remember you when I will wear it. It showed it to my friends as well and the too liked it very much.

Thank you once again for the loveliest gift and for your thoughtfulness. I am eagerly looking forward to the summer vacation to be with you.

                   Body                                           \[\leftarrow \]      take care

                 Regard                                        \[\leftarrow \]      yours lovingly

                 Name                                          \[\leftarrow \]      diary


A notice is a pieces of writing which draws attention to upcoming event in a community. A notice is brief, clear and precise in instruction and must include the reason for which it issued, detail of the event and other necessary information.


  •                       Example 1

You are sumit Mishra, the head boy of K.P Public school, New Delhi. Write a notice regarding a watch found in the school playground. Write the notice in about 50 words and put it in a box.


Issusing Authority/Agency

\[\leftarrow \]K.R public school, New Delhi


\[\leftarrow \] October 16,20160


\[\leftarrow \]A watch found

Content Body

\[\leftarrow \]A watch has been found lying unclaimed in the school playground this watch is red in color with black waist band. Anyone who has lost if by mistake can claim it from the undersigned. 

Name of issuer

\[\leftarrow \] Sumit Mishra

Designation of issuer

\[\leftarrow \]Head boy




A short written note or piece of information sent off from one person to another is called a message. The content of a message should be put in a box. Only important details should be written without adding any new information in the message.


  •                          Example 1

The following is a telephonic conversation between Laura and jack, her brother. Laura has to leave for her dance class, she has left a message for her mother. Write the message in not more than 50 words?

Jack: can I speak to mom?

Laura: she has gone out.

Jack: I have to attend an event tonight. I will   or come home tonight, I will be back by tomorrow afternoon.

Please convey her the message.

Laura: okey, I will.



\[\leftarrow \]14th June 2016

Person to whom the message Is written.

\[\leftarrow \]mom


\[\leftarrow \]jack called up to inform you that he has to attend an event tonight he will back home by tomorrow afternoon

Person who has written the message

\[\leftarrow \] Laura   .


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