5th Class English Distinguishing between Real and Imaginary Distinguishing between Real and Imaginary

Distinguishing between Real and Imaginary

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Distinguishing between Real and Imaginary


Directions: In this chapter, we will discuss the facts or statements which may be real imaginary. In our daily life, we hear many lines which are not possible.


For example: Serena stands on sun.

As we know that no one can stand on sun as it is very hot and as well as far it is awe from the Earth.

Some examples are given below. Read them carefully.


  •                         Example 1

Which one of the following statements or facts about chocolates is imaginary? 

(a) All chocolates are not sweet.

(b) Some chocolates are liquid.                                              

(c) Chocolates are poison for cats.

(d) Chocolates are sold in various sizes in market.

(e) None of these


Ans. (c)

"Chocolates are poison for cats" is an imaginary statement about chocolates. As know that no cat will die after eating chocolates till poison is not mixed with it Chocolates never harm an animal in such a bad way.


  •                     Example 2

Which one of the following statements about shampoos is imaginary?

(a) All shampoo's are eatables.

(b) Shampoos are used to wash the hair.                                  

(c) Some shampoos are liquid.

(d) Some shampoos are black in colour.-

(e) None of these


Ans. (a)

No shampoo is eatable, so statement (a) is an imaginary statement.


  •                      Example 3

            Read the sentence I,II, and III carefully:

(I) Face cream are mixed with vegetable to make them tasty.

(II) Face cream are generally light in colour.

(III) Face cream protect our Face from sunlight.


Which of the statement are real?

(a) I only

(b) I and II only

(c) I and III only

(d) II only

(e) None of these


Statement (II) and (III) are real while statement (I) is an imaginary as face cream are different From the cream used to mix with vegetable.


Notes - Distinguishing between Reala and Imaginary

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