5th Class English Elementary Idea of Tenses Elementary Idea of Tenses

Elementary Idea of Tenses

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Elementary Idea of Tenses


Read the sentences in each column and try to find the difference in these columns of same row. The words orgroup of words shown in bold letters give us an idea about the time i.e. past, present or future. Here, a short detail of tenses is given and rest you will study in higher classes.


They study science every day.                               

 (Simple Present)

Two years ago, she studied science in U.S.A.    

 (Simple Past)

If you are having problems, she will help you.                       

 (Simple Future)

She is studying science now.                               

 (Present Continuous)

She was studying science when you called yesterday.                     

 (Past Continuous)

She will be studying science when you will arrive tonight.           

 (Future Continuous)

She has studied science in several different countries.                        

 (Present Perfect)

She had studied a little science before she moved to the U.S.                

 (Past Perfect)

She will have studied every topic by the time I finish this course.             

 (Future Perfect)

She has been studying science for five years.           

 (Present Perfect Continuous)

She had been studying science for five years before I moved to the U.S.

 (Past Perfect Continuous)

She will have been studying science for over two hours by the time you arrive.

 (Future Perfect Continuous


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