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5th Class English Jumbled Words and Sentences Jumbled Sentences

Jumbled Sentences

Category : 5th Class

Real Life Example             

A game of scrabble uses the skills of putting the jumbled alphabets in sequence to make a meaningful word.  


Amazing Facts             

Some synonyms of jumble are hodgepodge, potpourri, scramble, mishmash, medley etc.             

Jumble is a word puzzle with a clue, a drawing illustrating the clue, and a set of words, each of which is ?jumbled? by scrambling its letters to make anagram.  



This less will help you to:-

learn about the meaning of jumbled sentences.

understand about the correct usage of words in sequence.  



Jumbled sentences are actually type of language proficiency test question.  In this type of test, words of sentences or few parts of sentences are mixed up or jumbled. You are supposed to rearrange those parts to make the sentence meaningful.            

For example: sings/ She/ very/ sweetly.            

Answer: She sings very sweetly.             

In the example, the words are all mixed up (jumbled). So, we could not make out a clear conclusion for the sentence. But when we have rearranged the words properly we got a clear meaning for the sentence.             

Sometimes sentences are divided into phrases. These phrases are jumbled. The person solving it is expected to look at the jumbled phrases, comprehend the meaning implied and put the sentence in order.             

In a jumbled sentence, phrases are separated using a slash (/).              How to solve a jumbled sentence?             

Step 1: Identify the subject.             

Step 2: Identify the action.             

Step 3: Make the sentence.             

Example: are always / cannot be / people who/ quarrelling / happy             

  1. Identify the subject.             
  2. Identify the action                                         
  3. Make the sentence.               

People who are always quarrelling cannot be happy.  


Misconcept/ concept             

Misconcept: There is only grammatically correct sentence that can be made from few jumbled words.             

Concept: There can be more than one sentence that can be made from jumbled words.             

For Example: Lotus/flower/national/India/is/the/of. These jumbled up words can be written as Lotus is the national flower of India is lotus. Both these sentences are grammatically correct.

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