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Direct Speech

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*       Introduction


Presenting the words of a speaker is called narration. Narration may be of two types:

(i) Direct Speech

(ii) Indirect Speech  


*       Direct Speech


When the actual or exact words of a speaker is presented, it is called Direct Speech.

  •   Monu said, "Mamta lives in London."
  •   Monu said that Mamta lived in London.

These two sentences refer to the two ways of reporting the words of a speaker. In sentence 1, the actual or exact words of the speaker is presented. This speech is called Direct Speech.


  •   In Direct Speech the actual words of the speaker are put within inverted commas (" ")                                                    
  •   The sentence within inverted commas begins with a capital letter.  


There are two parts of a sentence in direct speech.  


*            Reporting Verb

The first part of the sentence in Direct Speech is called Reporting Verb.

For Example: In the sentence, Monu said, "Mamta lives in London", 'Monu said' is the reported verb.  


*            Reported Speech

The actual words of the speaker put within inverted commas are called Reported Speech.

For Example: "Mamta lives in London."  

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