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Use of Preposition

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*        Use of Preposition  


*             Nouns Followed by Prepositions


Read the following sentences carefully and note the use of prepositions:

  •  She has much affection for her baby.
  •  He has no faith in God.
  •  Sourav has no complaint against Samir.  
  •  This man is the cause of the whole trouble.
  •  He is not interested in music.
  •  The teacher has no control over her students.
  •  The manger made an enquiry into the matter.
  •  He took offence at my remarks.
  •  He fell a victim to evil temptations.
  •  She has no pity for the poor.
  •  He received an invitation for dinner.
  •  She is always in need of money.
  •  He is a disgrace to her parents.
  •  It is an exception to the rule.
  •  You have no hope of success.
  •  She has a great zeal for social work.
  •  He has passion for gambling.
  •  Have you any objection to my proposal?
  •  He has a high regard for his teacher. In the sentences given above, the words in, at, on, into, to, for, etc. are prepositions.  


*             Adjectives and Participles followed by Prepositions


Read the following sentences carefully and note the use of prepositions

  •  We are not answerable to him for this.
  •  He is afraid of wild animals.
  •  'She is not worried about her health.
  •  They were amazed at his rudeness
  •  He is blind o/one eye.
  •  This book is full of interesting stories.
  •  She is very jealous of me.
  •  He is short of money at present.
  •  She is unfit for hard work.
  •  I have a bicycle similar to his.
  •  They are fond of reading novels.
  •  She is gifted with a sweet voice.
  •  We should be kind to the poor.
  •  Paris is famous for the Eiffel Tower.
  •  She is ignorant of real facts.
  •  Be respectful to your elders.
  •  The Bible is sacred to the Christians.
  •  Smoking is injurious to health.
  •  You should be ashamed of your conduct.
  •  Jawaharlal Nehru was born of rich parents.
  •  She is dependent on her parents.
  •  Rising early is beneficial to health.
  •  He has lost his all senses of shame.
  •  She is quick in mathematics.  


*             Verbs followed by Prepositions


 Read the following sentences carefully and note the use of prepositions

  •  I agree with you in this matter.
  •  Have you heard of Osama Bin Laden?
  •  She died o/malaria.
  •  I apologized to him for my mistake.
  •  He was accused of theft.
  •  This house belongs to me.
  •  Please listen to me.
  •  She insists on buying a car.
  •  I warned him of danger.
  •  I must rely on what you say.
  •  Do not laugh at others.
  •  We should prefer milk to tea.
  •  Trust in God and do the right.
  •  He waited for the postman.
  •  This apple tastes of a mango.
  •  He depends on you for the protection.
  •  Please attend to what I say.
  •  The pond abounds in (with) fish.
  •  Silkworm feed on mulberry leaves.
  •  He was accused of theft.  


*             Look at the following examples:


1.  The vegetables are in the basket.

2.   Bunty writes with a pen.

3.  The postman is at the door.

4.  The book has been written by me.

5.  The tie is for Joginder.

6.  The book is on the table.

7.  The table is made o/wood.

8.  The girl is going to market.  

In the sentences given in last page the words 'in', 'with', 'at', 'by', 'for', 'on', 'of', and 'to' have been placed before a noun or pronoun and are showing their relation to other words (nouns) in the sentences. These words are prepositions.


*             List of some commonly used Prepositions


About                                                   Until

Across                                                   Up

Around                                                 Upon

Above                                                   From

After                                                      In

Against                                                 Into

Along                                                    Near

Among                                                 of                

At                                                          Towards

Away                                                     On

Before                                                  Out

Beside                                                  over

Between                                              Since

By                                                         To

Down                                                    under

For                                                        With

Without                                               Through  



*             Look at the following examples of preposition of time, manner, place and direction:


1.  Time                     (A)    I wake up at 6 o'clock.                                

(B)    She has been reading for two hours.                                

(C)    He has been in Delhi since 1992.

2.  Manner                (A)   He earns money by Boxing                                

(B)    She played with care.                                

(C)    He walks with a stick.

3.  Place                    (A)    Accident took place near the temple.                                

(B)    A car ran over a dog.                                

(C)    Stars shine in the sky.

4.  Direction              (A)    The rat ran towards the hole.                                

(B)   She went around the Church.

(C)    A saint came from the east.


*             Use of 'in'


1.  Robin lives in New Delhi.

2.  We have great faith in God.

3.  The chair is in the room.

4.  Alisa came in the room after Sarina.

Use of some other prepositions.

5.  The man looks after his parents.

6.  Rahul lives near the Church.

7.  Look at the blackboard.

8.  Distribute the sweets among the boys.

9.  Sky is above us.

10.  The boy complained against the monitor.

11.  I know nothing about the boy.

12.  This book is written by Dr. Raman.

13.  There is a pond behind the Church.

14.  He gets up before sunrise.

15.  The king ruled over a vast empire.

16.  Gourav is fond of music.

17.  The snake ran across the road.

18.  The boy is afraid of his teacher.

19.  My grandmother died of cholera.

20.  The old man died from overeating.   

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