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A sentence is a group of words that makes complete sense.


Look at the following groups of words:


1.            What do you need?

2.            Need I tea.

3.            I need a cup of tea.

4.            This shop no tea sell.

5.            This shop does not sell tea.


In the above given five groups 1, 3 and 5 are sentences because they make complete sense.


We should remember three things about a sentence:


1.            A sentence always begins with a capital letter

2.            The words in a sentence are placed in their proper order to make complete sense.

3.            A sentence has a full stop (.), a question mark (?) or a mark of exclamation (!) at the end.


What do you need?

   \[\downarrow \]                 \[\downarrow \]

Capital     question mark

                       (Words in the proper order)


The following groups of words do not make complete sense because the words in them are not in their proper order, nor do they have a full stop (.), a question mark (?) or a mark of exclamation (!) at the end.


1.            fuel the was bucket

2.            don't a why book read you

3.            animal the is gazelle graceful a



Kinds of Sentences


1.          Assertive Declarative sentence: A sentence that states or declares something is mailed an assertive or declarative sentence. For example:                                                        

(a) I go to school everyday.

(b) The Earth moves around the Sun.


2.          Interrogative sentence: A sentence that asks a question is called a question or interrogative sentence.

For example:

(a) Are you feeling hungry?

(b) When did you come?


3.          Imperative sentence: A sentence that Expresses a command, request, suggestion order or advice is called an imperative sentence.                          

For example:                                                           

(a) Be quiet.

(b) Give me some milk please,                                          


4.          Exclamatory sentence: A sentence that expresses some strong feeling or emotion! such as joy, sorrow, surprise or contempt is called an exclamatory sentence.

For example:

(a) How beautiful the flower is!

(b) What a silly mistake I made!


5.          Optative sentence: A sentence which expresses wish, desire or pray is called an operative sentence.

For example:

(a) May God bless you!

(b) Wish you a very happy new year!


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