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Blood Relations

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Blood Relations





·                     Students will be able to know the relation between two people by using the given information.

·                     They will learn to analyse the whole chain of relations and decipher the direct relationship between the people concerned.





In blood relations, certain information is given about the members of the family in the question. Based on that information, students need to find out the relationship between particular members of the family. They should have the knowledge of blood relations, in order to solve these questions.

To remember easily, the relations may be divided into two sides as given below:


1. Relations of Paternal side:


            1. Father's father \[\to \] Grandfather

            2. Father's mother \[\to \] Grandmother

            3. Father's brother \[\to \] Uncle

            4. Father's sister \[\to \] Aunt

            5. Children of uncle \[\to \] Cousin

            6. Wife of uncle \[\to \]Aunt

            7. Children of aunt \[\to \]Cousin

            8. Husband of aunt \[\to \] Uncle


2. Relations of Maternal side:


            1. Mother's father \[\to \] Maternal grandfather

            2. Mother's mother \[\to \] Maternal grandmother

            3. Mother's brother \[\to \] Maternal Uncle

            4. Mother's Sister \[\to \] Aunt

            5. Children of maternal uncle \[\to \] Cousin

            6. Wife of maternal uncle \[\to \] Maternal aunt


Relations from one generation to next:



Example 1:

Rahul is the brother of Sonia. Sonia is the mother of Keshav. How is Keshav related to Rahul?

(a) Son                        (b) Nephew                 

(c) Father                     (d) Brother


Sol. (b)


Explanation: Sonia is the sister of Rahul and Keshav is the son of Sonia. So, Keshav is the son ofRahul's sister. i.e., nephew.

The relation diagram can be represented as shown below:



Example 2:

Pointing to a man, a lady said "His mother is the only daughter of my mother".

How is the lady related to the man?

(a) Mother                    (b) Sister                     

(c) Aunt                       (d) Daughter


Sol. (a)


Explanation: The only daughter of lady's mother is lady herself. So, she is the mother of the man.

The relation diagram can be represented as shown below:





Directions (Examples 3 & 4): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions, which follow.

(i) \[A\text{ }\times \text{ }B'\]means 'A is the father of ?B?.

(ii) \[A\text{ }+\text{ }B\]means ? A is the mother of ?B?

(iii) \[A\text{ }-\text{ }B'\]means 'A is the sister of ?B?

(iv) \[A\text{ }\div \text{ }B'\]means 'A is the brother of B'.



Example 3:

In the expression P x Q - R, how is P related to R?

(a) Daughter                   (b) Mother                   

(c) Father                     (d) Brother


Sol. (c)                                                            

Explanation: \[P\text{ }x\text{ }Q\text{ }\div \text{ }R,\]

So, P is the father of R.



Example 4:

Which of the following represents 'N is the father of M'?

(a)\[L-N\times M~\]                            (b) \[L+\text{ }N-M\]

(c)\[L\times N+M~\]                           (d) None of the above

Sol. (a)

Explanation: From option (a), \[L-N\times \text{ }M\]



Example 5:

Puneet is the brother of Akshay. Kanak is the sister of Akshay. How is Puneet related to Kanak?

(a) Son                        (b) Father                   

(c) Nephew                  (d) Brother


Sol. (d)


Explanation: According to the given question, the relation diagram can be represented as shown below:


So, Puneet is the brother of Kanak.

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