5th Class Science Housing Learning Objectives of Housing

Learning Objectives of Housing

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*     Housing


People at different places build different types of houses. There are same factors on which building of houses depends.


There are:

The climate of the place

Materials used for making houses

The budget


*    Climate

In place where climate is hot, houses have thick walls and flat roofs. Thick walls keep the inside of the house cool. Flat roofs can be used by people for sleeping outdoors.

In places where it rains a lot and climate is hot and damp, houses are built on stilts. These houses, built a few feet above the ground on raised platforms, remain safe from floods. The sloping roofs of housed on hills do not allow rainwater or snow to collect and make the houses damp and cold. Most houses in cold areas have fireplaces to keep the inside of the house warm.


*    Material Used

Bricks and stones keep a house cool in hot places. Houses in hilly areas need to be build easily and quickly. Therefore, houses are bite of bamboo and wood. In places which have frequent earthquakes, houses are built of wood to prevent more damage in case of collapsing. Mud, bamboo and plan leaves are used to make kachcha houses or temporary house called huts. There materials are cheap and easily available. Some other common building materials are concrete, glass, iron and thatch.


*    Budget

Budget is the money available for building the house. A small hut requires less amount of money. Whereas, a large sum of money is required for making a permanent house. In big cities where space is very less, people builds high-rise buildings.


*    Building a House

The points to be remembered before, during and after the construction of a house. We should consult an architect for making a plan of the house depending upon the space available and on the needs of the people who are going to build house.

Few points to be remembered while constructing a house.

A sun-facing house gets a lot of sunlight.

The walls of the house must be strong, damp-proof and well plastered. Insects do not bread on such walls.

A house can be made safe by fitting the doors and windows with grills.

Doors and windows must be in a direction such that fresh air and sunlight can enter every room- Wire-netting should be made to prevent flies and mosquitoes entering into the house.

The floor of the house must be leveled and made smooth. It must have a good drainage system. Covered drains and outlets sea) out foul smells and germs.

We should take case of our house after the construction of houses also. The house should be kept clean. The floor of the house sold be swept every day.

The walls windows, doors and other parts of the house must be dusted regularly. They need to be painted after regular time interval.

The kitchen, bathroom and the latrine must be washed and disinfected regularly..

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