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This lesson will help you to:

  • get the knowledge about what a shelter is and what s its importance.
  • Know that different people build different types of houses according to their needs and the environmental conditions of the place.
  • Know about the need of living close to each other.
  • Study about the need for shelter in animals, birds and insects too.
  • Understand what happens when people lose their homes for one the other reason.


 Historical Preview

  • Ancient Greeks built their house by using the bricks made of mud and then dried their houses around the courtyard so as to let air circulate.



In the study of our environment and our surroundings we have learnt about our different needs. We have discussed food, importance of games and need of water etc. There is one more basic need of all the living things and that is ‘’shelter’’.

In simple language we can say, that the place which gives us protection from rain, storms and animals etc. us protection from rain, storms and animals etc. is called our shelter. So the place where we live is our shelter. In common language we call it our home/house.

We move from place to place. There is a difference in the types of houses according to place, locality and weather condition of that place. There are different types of houses built according to the needs of people which are generally associated with the weather conditions and availability of the materials.

Difference in climatic: The type of a house built

In a particular area depends upon the climatic condition of that place. For example:

In the rainy areas the roofs are made thick and sloping so as not to let the water collect on it. By using the slanting roofs, the rain water gets cleared easily and it does not collect over the roofs. The houses made in the snowy areas are also of similar type.                     

  • Houses are made of wood in earthquake prone areas to minimize the damage and for security.
  • The houses made in the hot climate areas are often painted with light colors so that they do not absorb sunlight.
  • There are different types of houses and buildings made in the countries with very cold weather. In these houses the pipes carrying warm water are fitted within the walls. When the hot water is circulated, it imparts heat to the room and thus warms it.


But sometimes while living in the same climate, some people have different types of houses. The differences in the houses are due to individual liking, difference in the material used, the number of people living in the house, etc. People like to build their houses in different designs and structures.

When there are more number of members in a family, the family requires a big house.


Why we live in colonies or close to the others?

We live in colonies or societies. Have you ever thought that why people live close to each other and not far away? The reason is that we cannot make house at any place. The place where we want to build our house should have suitable climate. The place should have certain basic facilities such as water and electricity supply. It should also be safe from wild animals etc. So when people live together there is a feeling of security. People live together because they can help each other in hour of need. This also brings the feeling of togetherness and brotherhood. By living at one place many people can share the natural resources of that place.


Amazing Facts

  • The hive of the bees contains hexagonal cells. The bees use these cells to store food they collect.
  • An ant can lift up to 20 times the weight of its own body.
  • There are 10,000 or more species of ants.
  • Ants not only do the work for themselves but also help to break down natural wastes.


Animals and insects also groups.

You must have seen a beehive on the corners of roofs or on trees. These bees live together. Beehives are of both types: natural as well as man-made. The artificial hives are made for production of honey or to keep the bees as pets.

We often see ants around us working together. The ants live together in groups and the group of ants is called colony. Every ant member has a duty to perform and that is how the work of the colony is divided. There is a queen in the colony who collect food. Build the space for the colony and defend the group. So the insects also live together to protect themselves.

One most common shelter which we can easily see around us is the nest of the birds. They make it by using straws and leaves. Birds lay their eggs in their nests. They protect their nests. They protect their eggs from other animals or bigger birds.


One most common shelter which we can easily see around us is the nest of the birds. They make it by using straws and leaves. Birds lay their eggs in their nests. They protect their eggs from other animals or bigger birds.

Different animals live in different types off shelter. For the wild animals forest is their home. But here too different animals live differently. A lion lives in the cave whereas a rabbit or a mouse lives in a hole. A dog lives in a kennel.


What happens when the homes get destroyed?

So we have learnt, haw important our homes ARE FOR US. They protect us. We have also learnt that shelter is also needed by the animals and the insects. This means the shelter of a human being of of an animals is very important thing. But cometening, etc., people lose their shelters. Something due to negligence also people lose their homes such as in case of fire. When such things happen there is a great loss.

When people lose their houses they do not have any place to live. In case of fire the fire vrigad4es are called. Then the fire is extinguished using big pipes of water. Those who are hurt are sent to the hospitals for their treatment. Ambulance is called for those who faint or are seriously injured. The government employs its disaster management agencies to help the people. The people are also provided medical facilities.


When some accident happens or some natural calamity arises, before the medical help reaches first aid is given to the patient by people in the surrounding area. First aid is the first help that an injured person gets in case of an accident. It proves to be very helpful. It can prove to be lifesaving.

In case of providing first aid also the people near us help us. That is why we live in groups or close to each other. Though everyone has his/her own shelter, yet living in community or colonies gives us the security and helps us to be more social. As it has been rightly said that ‘’Man is a social animal’’.



Misconcept:  It is only the human beings who need shelter or space to live.

Cocept:  All the birds and animals have their shelters.

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