7th Class Mental Ability Alpha-Numeric, Number, Ranking and Time Sequence, Logical, Alphabet Alpha-Numeric Sequence, Number, Ranking and Time Sequence Test, Logical Sequence of Words and Alphabet Test

Alpha-Numeric Sequence, Number, Ranking and Time Sequence Test, Logical Sequence of Words and Alphabet Test

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Alpha-Numeric Sequence

Such type of puzzle is a jumbled sequence of numbers, letters and symbols. A puzzle is given and a student is asked how many times a number/letter/symbol follows a certain rule or which number/letter/symbol follows a certain rule.






1. How many such digits are there in the given arrangement each of which is immediately preceded by a symbol but not immediately followed by a letter?

(a) Nil                            (b) One                          (c) Two                          (d) Three


Explanation (b):

So, the correct option is (b).



Number, Ranking and Time Sequence Test


Number Test: In problems on Number Test, a sequence of numbers is given and a student is asked similar type of questions as asked in Alpha-Numeric Sequence Puzzle.


Ranking Test: In Ranking based problems, usually the ranks of one or two persons from the top and from the bottom are mentioned. A student requires either total number of persons or rank of a person.



2.  In a row of girls, Beena is eighth from the left end and Priya is seventeenth from the right end. If they interchange their positions, Beena becomes twelfth from the left end. How many girls are there in the row?

(a) 25                            (b) 24                            (c) 29                            (d) 28


Explanation (d):

Let the point where Priya initially was be A. Initially position of A from the right =17

After interchanging, position of A from the left =12th                                       ;

Obviously, the position of the point A is fixed.

So, number of girls in all = 17 + 12 - 1 =28




To solve Time based problems, the following information?s are very useful.

In every 1 hour, the hour hand rotates 30° and the minute hand rotates 360°.

 The month of February has minimum number of days. These are 28 or 29.

 1 year = 365 or 366 days.

 The year which is divisible by 4 is called a leap year. For example, year 2012 is a leap year.

 A century which is divisible by 400 is called a leap year. For example, 2000 is a leap year but 2100 is not.

 There are 29 days in February of the leap year.

There are 366 days in a leap year and 365 days in a non-leap year or ordinary year.          

1 century = 100 years.



3.  If 25th of August in a year is Thursday, then the number of Mondays in that month is ______.

(a) 3                              (b) 4                              (c) 5                              (d) 6                  


Explanation (c):

25th August fell on Thursday.

So, 22nd August fell on Monday.

Therefore, Mondays were on 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th of August.

Thus, there are five Mondays.

So, the correct option is (c).



Logical Sequence of Words

In such type of problems some words are given.

These words have some relationship with each other or have a specific sequence.

A student is required to identify this relationship or sequence and to put them in a logical sequence.

This sequence may be according to size, age, happening, need, etc.



4.  Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence.

1. House           

2. Street           

3. Room           

4. Town            

5. District

(a) 3, 2,1,4,5                  (b) 3,1,4,1. 5                  (c) 3, 1, 1. 4, 5               (d) 3, 1, 2, 5, 4


Explanation (c):

The ascending order of areas of the given words (objects) is Room < House < Street < Town < District



5.  Which of the following words will come in the second if all of them are arranged alphabetically as in a dictionary?

(a) Narrate                     (b) Natural                     (c) Neutral                      (d) Native


Explanation (d):

We first consider second letters.

Clearly, Neutral comes at fourth place.

Now consider third letters of the rest words.

So, Narrate comes at the first place.

Now, we will consider fourth letters of the rest two words.

Clearly, Native comes at the 2nd place.

So, the correct option is (d).


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