Paper Folding and Paper Cutting

Category : 7th Class

Folding a Transparent Sheet

In such type of problems, a figure of transparent sheet carrying a design on it is given.

There is a dotted line on this sheet.

This sheet has to be folded along the dotted line.

A student is required to identify a figure from given options that looks as after folding the sheet.





1.  A square transparent sheet (X), with a design and a dotted line on it is given. Choose the correct figure from the four options which represents the sheet (X) after folding it along the dotted line.


         (a)                 (b)                 (c)                 (d)


Explanation (b):

Clearly, the right half of the sheet (X) is put on the left half.

The combination of the design in left half and mirror image of the design in the right half will appear on the folded sheet.

This combination is shown in figure (b).

So, the correct option is (b).



Cutting a Folded Paper

In such type of problems, a paper is folded twice or thrice. Then one or more pieces of it are cut. After this the paper is absolutely unfolded. In this situation the paper has many cuts or holes on it. So, it contains a pattern.

A student is required to identify a figure from given four options that shows the similar paper sheet as the pattern made.

Usually, the paper sheet is folded along the dotted lines marked on it. And arrows show the directions of the folds.



2.  There are three figures marked X, Y and Z on a circular paper. Figures X and Y show the two consecutive folds of the paper. And figure Z shows the cuts on the folded paper.

Choose one figure from the four options that resembles the unfolded form of the sheet Z.

(a)                 (b)                (c)                (d)


Explanation (b):

In figure (X), the circular sheet of paper has been folded along the vertical line of symmetry so that the left half of the sheet overlaps the right half.

In figure (Y), the sheet is folded further to a quarter.

In figure (Z), the paper is cut along the design.

Clearly, the design will be created in each quarter of the paper.

Thus, when the paper is unfolded, a design will appear symmetrically over it and the paper will then appear as shown in figure (b).     

So, the correct option is (b).

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