7th Class Science Reproduction In Plants Mode of Reproduction

Mode of Reproduction

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*       Mode of Reproduction


There are two types of reproduction:

Sexual reproduction

Asexual reproduction


*           Asexual Reproduction

This type of reproduction has been continued since the beginning of life on earth. By asexual reproduction an organism alone can reproduce new offspring without the help of any sex partner. There are six different ways by which a life can alone give birth to young ones. These are:



Spore formation



Vegetative propagation


*           Fission

In this type of reproduction, body of a living organism divides into two or more than two, living organisms. When a living body divides into two new living bodies, it is called binary fission (bi means two). And, when a living body divides into more than two new living bodies, it is called multiple fission (multiple means many). This type of reproduction mainly takes place in unicellular organisms like amoeba, paramecium etc.



*           Budding

In this method, a bud is appeared on the living organism. This bud grows and finally detaches from the body and develops into new young one. Organisms like hydra, yeast etc. produce their young ones by this method.




*          Spore Formation

In this method, parent plant produces spores inside a spore case. On bursting the spore case, spores are spread into air. When these spores find a suitable condition, they grow into new plants. Ex: fungi, bacteria etc.




*         Regeneration

In this method, a part of body regains lost parts and develops into a full organism. Ex: hydra, planaria etc.



*          Fragmentation

In this method, body of a multicellular organism splits into many pieces or fragments and each fragment develops into new organism. Ex: spirogyra, sea anemones etc.




*           Vegetative Propagation

In vegetative propagation method, a part of a plant like leaves, stem, or root grows into a new plant. It occurs only in plants. Actually leaves, stem, root all contain buds, which grow into plant on getting favorable condition.

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